Kordels Probiotica P3 Cap 30S

Kordels Probiotica P3 Cap 30S

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Dietary supplement Guaranteed live good bacteria Does not require refrigeration Description: Probiotica P3 Combines three specially selected, scientifically-researched acid-resistant strains of bacteria (Lactobacillus gasseri, Bifidobacterium bifidum and Bifidobacterium longum) for improved effectiveness and digestive benefits Benefits: Maintains healthy digestion and friendly bacteria levels Maintains a healthy immune system and energy levels Supports the gut during and after antibiotics Maintains healthy liver function Supports clear and healthy skin PROBIOTIC, GUT CARE , FLORA CARE


Dietary supplement for Digestive well-being and healthy Immune system.

help supplement your body' natural diversity These organisms play an active role in aiding the body€™s natural digestive process. Advanced Probiotic 10 contains 20 billion live probiotic cultures per serving at time of manufacture. Probiotics not only support microbial balance of healthy intestinal flora, but assist in the body€™s natural digestive process, and contribute to immune function. Probiotics help support a favorable environment for the absorption of nutrients.
Dose : once daily

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