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Elastic Wrist Support A4-002 (L/XL 18~ 23 cm)

QAR 25.00
This product is made of good quality and high elastic knitting strap, elastic loop, and hook closure. Elastic loop with hook closure can allow adjust the size to fit wrist snugly. Elastic knitting strap can provide good ventilation for the skin and light compression to accelerate the blood circulation. Idea to prevent the injury from sports or work activities requiring repetitive movement of the wrist and also can help to relieve the pain from injured wrist.
  • Prevents wrist injury during work or sports activity
  • Provides a proper stabilization, and compression
  • Easy to wear and fit your wrist snugly
  • Soft touching and friendly to the skin

    Polyester 50%
    Rubber 30%
    Nylon 20%

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