Amazing Health Benefits of Papaya for Skin and Hair

    We have always been told how going for homemade ingredients is going to be beneficial for all our beauty needs. You can always find the perfect raw ingredients in your kitchen for a quick facial or a face mask. With a similar kind of experience – we speak of a magic ingredient – Papaya!

    Other than the health benefits of its consumption, Papaya possesses various hair and skin care advantages. Vitamins in Papaya are namely - Vitamins A, C, E, and K. Papaya contains an enriching enzyme called “Papain” – which works wondrously in exfoliating dead skin cells and bringing about a healthy glow of the skin. The nourishing properties of Papaya extend to maintaining your hair’s quality as the rich Vitamin A in it helps in nourishing and strengthening your hair.

    Let’s glance through the multiple skincare and hair care benefits that Papaya is so well known for.


    1. Fights Acne

    Acne breakouts take place due to clogged skin pores and the accumulation of dust particles. One of the many papaya benefits is its ability to reduce acne breakouts. With AHAs and enriching Vitamins - the raw juice of the fruit, which can be extracted after blending, helps in unclogging pores.


    2. Dandruff Control

    One of the major benefits of papaya for hair is that it helps in dandruff control. The Papain enzyme helps prevent the drying up of your scalp and thus limits the chances of dandruff. Just like your skin, the skin of your scalp also requires exfoliation and the removal of dead skin cells. Papaya seeds have anti-fungal properties that help in dandruff removal too.


    3. Anti-Aging Face Mask

    Keeping papaya health benefits aside as you age, papaya for the skin also has anti-aging benefits because it contains Vitamin A. In addition to this, Vitamin C and E's presence helps reduce the chances of premature aging. Thus, it promotes soft and supple skin.


    4. Promotes Hair Growth

    With the presence of folic acid, you can expect excellent blood circulation through your scalp and hair follicles. Thus, papaya stays true to its benefits by offering nourishment to your hair follicles, leading to more hair growth.


    5. Avoids Under Eye Dark Circles

    Papaya – especially the green ones, helps in fighting the unwanted dark circles. This is because Papaya is regarded as an anti-bleaching agent. Therefore it works effectively for fighting any sort of pigmentation of the skin.


    6. Hair Conditioning

    High Vitamin A content in Papaya plays a key role in producing more necessary sebum to keep your hair soft and shiny. Sebum is a natural oil; hence the excess of its production only leads to a more conditioned and hydrated quality of your hair.


    7. Tan Removal

    Papain enzyme helps in removing the suntan off your skin and promotes fresh and dewy skin. Vitamin A and C in Papaya also has skin-lightening properties that help in tan removal.


    8. Gradual Lightening of Facial Hair

    Papaya has natural bleaching properties, and its enzyme - papain, helps break down hair follicles. A raw papaya mask can help in slowing the speed of hair re-growth and lightening it. Regular use can show optimum results.


    9. Natural Skin Moisturizer

    Enriched with key vitamins and antioxidants – Papaya benefits include being a natural moisturizer. It helps provide proper nourishment and hydration to dry skin, thus fulfilling the role of a moisturizer in making your skin look soft and healthy.


    10. Anti-Pigmentation Benefits

    Some stubborn acne can leave behind pigmentation or dark spots. Enriched with enzymes, Papaya helps in removing pigmentation marks with regular use. Beta-carotene and phytochemicals effectively work towards skin lightening as Papaya contains bleaching properties as well!



    When it comes to skin, you should be well aware of what ingredients suits your skin type. Though Papaya benefits both your skin and health, it is always good to be aware of the different mixtures that you can make using Papaya. To know more about some homemade hair masks or facial masks using papaya, have a look at some of the products you can try!

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    Medically reviewed by Tina Joy, Pharmacist, Care n Cure Pharmacy