Do Posture Correctors Help With Back Pain Relief?

    With work from home and the extended hours we spend on our devices, our posture has taken a toll. Many of us have an incorrect posture at a very young age and we don’t even know about it. Such incorrect posture like slouching shoulders has larger ramifications for the body in the long term. So, it is better to start early on your posture correction journey and stick to it until you get optimum results. Read on to know more.

    What is a Posture Corrector? 

    A posture corrector is a device made of elastic, cloth, and some hard elements that when worn can help you correct your posture. Correctors can help to reactivate the back muscles, also It will help with aligning your shoulders with your spine so that your body gets familiar with the right posture and stay in it long enough to make it a habit. 

    Types of Posture Correctors Used for Back Pain Relief

    There are four different types of posture correctors available in the market today, each with their own pros and cons. Let’s take a look at them - 

    • Cross Back Elastic Brace
      • This is one of the most common ones you can see around. It supports your chest, clavicle, and back to provide you with comfort as well as posture correction. 
    • Molded Upper Back Brace
      • It is similar to a cross-back elastic brace but it has a metal or plastic piece that fits between your shoulder blades for posture correction. Some users find it to be a little uncomfortable. 
    • Longline Back Brace
      • This is for individuals that need immediate posture correction. The support for this kind of posture corrector begins from the neck to the top of your hip. It can easily be concealed under clothing and worn for long hours. 
    • Electronic Posture Reminders
      • This is a wearable device that reminds you every time you slouch. Unlike the others on the list, it isn’t physical correction of posture but something to train yourself to maintain good posture yourself with constant reminders. 

      Use Posture Correctors for Lower Back Pain 

      If you have caught yourself slouching very often, to a point where it has become a cause for lower back aches - it is time to immediately get yourself a posture corrector. What it does is retrains your body to develop better posture so that every other function of your body is performed better. It is like how a cycle works so much better and efficiently when both its wheels are properly aligned. Otherwise, there is unnecessary and avoidable friction that only gets worse with time. 

      Posture Correctors help to reduce muscle tension, reduce pressure on the spine, and help to improve posture to redistribute the weight in the spine.

      Other advantages of using a posture corrector include:

      Advantages of using posture corrector

      • Helps with back pain

        • Specific movements and positions tend to increase back pain, and for the pain to heal, those motions need to be limited, with which a posture corrector can help. 

      • Provides Additional Support

        • It can add support when the lower back is unstable due to a recent injury or post-operation.

      • Reduces motion between vertebral segments

        • Helps limit excess movement and micro-movements at particular spinal segments to limit pain from muscle tension and irritated joints.

      • Easily Accessible

        • Posture Correctors are affordable and convenient for problems like slouching, neck pain, shoulder pain, back muscle sprains, and more.

      How Long Should I Use a Posture Corrector? 

      You should use a posture corrector until you are ridden of the constant back aches. Within a few weeks, you will catch yourself with better posture. Doctors also recommend that you wear posture correctors until you find good posture to be your normal posture. When you’re doing it on your own, you don’t need a posture corrector. 

      Initially start wearing the posture corrector for 15-30 minutes a day. If you feel pain from wearing the correctors take them off and practice it the next day. Gradually increase the duration until your body gets used with the posture correctors.

      What Should I Look For in a Posture Corrector? 

      A good posture corrector will firstly be comfortable enough for you to wear for long stretches of time without feeling any sort of itch or pain. It also needs to be a perfect size, so ensure that the elastic is tight and can fit you perfectly. Thirdly, ensure that it is  made of good quality materials so that you don’t have to keep buying it every few months. Lastly, get yourself the type of posture corrector (preferably from a reputed brand) that a specialist suggests to you. 

      Best Exercises You Can Follow With Posture Correctors

      Here are the best exercises you can include in your routine along with posture correctors - 

      Pull Apart Posture Exercise

      This one works best when you have an elastic with you. Stand up straight and pull the elastic apart while stretching both your arms sideways. Do a set of reps you find comfortable at first and slowly increase with time. 

      High Planks 

      These are a little tricky at first, but once you have your posture corrector on and practice it regularly, you should be able to go a whole minute without breaking the plank. This exercise has benefits beyond just posture correction. 

      Double Up Core Exercises

      This workout requires you to do side planks for both your sides, all while maintaining correct posture. This helps undoing the harm of years of slouching to get you rid of your lower back aches faster. 

      Best Posture Correctors Available in the Market 

      Care n Cure Pharmacy has high-quality medical equipment, from where you can buy high-quality back braces and posture correctors online in Qatar. The products are assured of great quality, medically sound for posture correction, and more importantly, available easily at your convenience. 

      Let’s take a look at some of the posture correctors available  - 

      Super Ortho Ventilative Vertebra Brace

      Super Ortho Ventilative Vertebra Brace B2-001

      Made out of breathable and high elastic straps and 2 bended aluminum stays to support the lumbar and sacral area.

      Super Ortho Magnetic Back Brace

      Super Ortho Magnetic Back Brace C2-003

      This product is made of high quality breathable elastic strap which can be adjusted to fit your back perfectly.

      Super Ortho 8" Industry Back Support

      Super Ortho Industry Back Support A5-002

      It is designed to help support the waist and lower back when lifting, driving or standing, and prevents back injury or strain during work.

      Super Ortho Clavicle Brace O2 - 001

      Super Ortho Clavicle Brace O2 - 001

      It is ideally suited for immobilizing conditions and giving relief from clavicular fractures using soft velours combined with foam padding that is easing to the skin. 

      Sissel Dorsaback Back Support - Car

      Sissel Dorsaback Back Support-Car Gray

      Designed to reduce strain on the spine and discourage slouching, this car seat aid is ideal for reducing back aches and pains on car journeys short or long. 


      Your posture doesn’t just affect your looks but also your overall health. You will surprise yourself with all the health improvements coming your way after you have taken a step towards posture correction. Start today, and let your future self be thankful to you in the absence of all the lower back pain. 


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      Medically reviewed by Tina Joy, Pharmacist, Care n Cure Pharmacy