Must-Have Mobile Apps for Travelers to Qatar - FIFA World Cup 2022

    FIFA World Cup 2022 is slated to be held in Qatar, and the fans are excited to watch their favorite players live in the stadium. However, the travel plans to Qatar amidst the pandemic can be pretty stressful for travelers too.

    At such times, apps play an integral role in bailing out the hassle of finding restaurants, hotels, etc., booking tickets, ordering medicines online, and connecting with physicians in a foreign country.

    This article brings you useful Qatar apps to install on your phone while traveling to Qatar during the football world cup 2022.

    Must-Have Qatar Apps for World Cup Visitors to Qatar

    Have you packed your bags and are ready to witness the magnum opus FIFA World Cup in Qatar? It is one of the most awaited international events after everything has reopened for travelers. However, amidst all these, safety is one of the paramount aspects.

    Furthermore, many mobile apps assist visitors in knowing about travel regulations and guidance. If you are overwhelmed with too many apps and confused about what to install, then we present you with 11 must-have mobile apps useful while traveling to Qatar.

    Benefits of installing these apps:

    • The apps provide various services, from ordering food online to purchasing medicines through the application.
    • Do not get confused while driving and get accurate information about traveling in and around Qatar.
      1. Care n Cure Pharmacy App 

      2. The Entertainer App 

      3. Qatari Phrasebook App

      4. QTickets App

      5. Ehteraz App

      6. Hayya Card App

      7. Uber Qatar App

      8. Karwa App

      9. App

      10. Sila App

      11. Talabat App 


        Let's have a look at the must-have mobile apps in Qatar in detail:

          Care n Cure Pharmacy App to Buy Medicines Online

          Travel can leave you jet lagged and tired. Besides, arriving at a new location with different weather can make you feel weak and sick. But, with practically no idea where you can find medicines, a mobile pharmacy app that delivers in less than 2 hours is all you need.

          Care n Cure is one of the most trusted pharmacy applications in Qatar. It has over 55+ outlets spread in and around Qatar. You can purchase essential vitamins, medicines, cosmetics, medical equipment, and baby products online from the app and the Care n Cure website.

          Features of the Care n Cure App:
          • Select through a list of product categories
          • Read the product description of the medicines and products
          • Chat live with pharmacists to resolve your queries
          • Get flash deals with up to 50% discount
          • Know about the medicines which are restricted in Qatar and what can be brought by travelers
          • You can order medicines, vitamins, cosmetics, baby products, and much more online through the app or website.
          How to Install?

          The app is available on Appstore & PlayStore to install on your phones.

          The Entertainer App - Get Amazing Discounts & Coupons

          An excellent app for visitors to enjoy a special package while in Qatar. The Entertainer is a fantastic subscription-based deal and coupon app that allows users to buy 1 and get 1 offer on cafes, theme parks, restaurants, hotels and activities.

          Features of the Entertainer App:
          • Enjoy special packages for tourists for QR 120
          • The deals will be valid for 30 days
          • Find a list of offers near you and share memberships
          • Travelers can track their savings, and brunch offers
          How to Install?

          The app is available on Appstore & PlayStore to install on your phones.

          Qatari Phrasebook - Ease Your Communication Abroad

          Unable to commute with the locals in Qatar? Why not let your phone do the talking? Qatari Phrasebook is a must-have app for all visitors traveling to Qatar. It is developed by an expert team taking the Arabic program at Georgetown University Qatar. Installing the app on your phone will make it relatively easy for you to communicate with the locals in the Qatari Arabic dialect and know the exact way to pronounce it.

          Features of Qatari Phrasebook:
          • Converse with locals in the Qatari Arabic language
          • Listen to the audio of how the words and phrases are pronounced
          • Check the phonetic spelling and words spoken
          • Choose from a list of categories, including money, numbers, weather, and transportation
          How to Install?

          The app is available on Appstore & PlayStore to install on your phones.

          QTickets - Your Online Movie Booking Partner

          QTickets is an entertainment app that enables users to book movies, plays, and event tickets online. Users can not only check movie timings for cinemas like Landmark, Villagio, Royal Plaza, The Mall, etc. in Qatar but also book tickets through this app in just a few clicks without the need of standing in long queues.

          Features of QTickets App:
          • Check for events, sports, plays, music concerts, theatre shows, and film festivals in Qatar
          • Book your tickets online through the app
          • Check show timings and location 
          How to Install?

          The app is available for users on PlayStore and AppStore.

          Ehteraz App - COVID-19 Health and Vaccination Status Tracer

          Are you worried about the pandemic? While international travel is no longer restricted, most countries continue monitoring their health status. Ehteraz App is one of the must-have apps by the Ministry of Interior in Qatar. It has a 3.8-star review by users. Additionally, it is a mandatory app for all visitors and residents of Qatar.

          Features of Ehteraz App:
          • The application enables the user to know about the latest COVID-19 news from the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH)
          • Confirm the COVID-19 status of the user from the app through indicators such as red for infected yellow for quarantine, grey for suspected and green for negative
          • Get notified about the vaccine type, dates of first and second dose as well as booster
          How to Install?

          The application is available on Google PlayStore and AppStore for download.


          Hayya Card App - Check for Nearest Accommodation and Book Match Tickets

          Are you waiting for the FIFA World Cup 2022? Now no need to get tensed or worry about booking FIFA tickets; know about the nearest accommodations and places to visit through the Hayya Card App. The Hayya Card is a smart technology that allows applicants to apply successfully. Users will have to connect through the to raise an application for Hayya Card.

          Features of Hayya Card App: 

          • If you have Hayya Card, you can enter the country
          • Browse through the best accommodation options and places to visit in Qatar
          • Get access to the stadium, match ticket, and Hayya services
          • Enjoy free metro and bus access
          How to Install?

          The app is available on Google Play store and App Store.

          Uber Qatar - Request a Ride

          Uber is your one-stop shop for booking your rides across the city. Travelers need not worry about losing their way or about the location. Install the Uber app on your smartphone and enjoy an affordable, stress-free, and safe ride across the city. 

          Features of Uber:

          • Get price estimates for each ride before booking
          • Share your trips with friends
          • Find real-time location tracking to your destination
          • Contact local authorities through the app and avail quick emergency services
          • Check complete detail of the driver, vehicle and vehicle number at the time of booking
          How to Install?

          The app is available on Google PlayStore and App Store.


          Karwa Taxi - Book Taxi Online/ Karwa Bus App

          Karwa Taxi and Karwa Bus are extremely useful Qatar taxi app by the national public transportation company. Karwa Taxi easily allows users to book taxis to any destination in Qatar. Additionally, the app, in its latest update, added MetroExpress bookings. Furthermore, the update allows users to get free ride-sharing shuttle services at selected metro stations. On the other hand, the Karwa bus app enables users to check bus timings, book tickets and bus numbers to reach their destination.

          Features of the Karwa App:

          • No matter where you are, book your ride through the app
          • Get picked up from the nearest Karwa partner
          • Acquire details about the driver and vehicle details
          • Pay online through the app
          • Check bus timings, bus numbers and book tickets
          • The app is available on iOS and Android
          How to Install?

          The app is available on Google PlayStore and App Store.

 - Book Your Stay Online

 is one of the most sought-after apps to book accommodations when in Qatar. It enables users to search for the best hotels, villas, and properties combined with secure booking options. So, if you are planning to travel to Qatar, book your stay in advance through the app without any hassle. Additionally, the app also enables users to book flights, rent cars, airport taxis, and hotels nearby to the airport.

          Features of

          • Browse through thousands of properties, hostels, hotels and villas in Qatar
          • Check prices and amenities such as beds and breakfast
          • Read guest reviews
          • Book your accommodation securely
          • Book flights, flight + hotel, rent cars and know everything about the nearest attractions in Qatar
          How to Install?

          The app is available on Google PlayStore and App Store.

          Sila App - Your Road Navigation Assistant

          Are you worried about losing your way in a new city? Make Sila your virtual assistant in never letting you lose track. It is a smart app that integrates all information about your ride on the metro, tram, bus, and taxi.

          Features of Waze Navigation & Live Traffic:

          • Get all details about roads, from diversions to alerts
          • Gain information on best road routes, metro and bus timings real-time alerts of accidents, traffic and police
          • Book taxis online
          • Check out attractions in Qatar anFd know how to reach soon
          • Real-time navigation to find the most convenient routes, transport schedules and stops
          • Identify the closest gas stations in your route
          • Find restaurants and the closest route to reach your airports
          How to Install?

          The app is available on Google PlayStore and App Store.

          Talabat - Food & Groceries App in Qatar

          Getting hunger pangs and wondering where to order while in Qatar? Talabat is one of the top fast food delivery apps in Qatar. The app allows you to calm your hunger pangs by choosing from a range of popular restaurants in the city.

          Features of Talabat Fastest Food Delivery App:

          • Pick and order from a list of thousands of restaurants
          • Redeem exciting vouchers on food and pay online
          • Get food from your favorite restaurant delivered across Qatar at your doorstep
          • The app is available on iOS and Android
          How to Install?

          The app is available on Google PlayStore and App Store.


          Mobile applications are beneficial, and with multiple apps developed, it is easier to manage many things during travel. With multiple applications available, your requirements are just a click away, do not forget to make the best out of these to turn your trip to Qatar during the FIFA World Cup 2022 more exciting and fun.


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