Your Complete Buying Guide to Pulse Oximeters: Information, Importance and Pricing

    Ever since the pandemic started, the oximeters are in high demand. The virus drastically affects the oxygen saturation of the body and hence, a low oxygen level is the symptom of Covid. This is the reason it is advised to get your oxygen level checked at regular intervals. 

    Going to the doctors to get your oxygen level checked every so often is risky as it puts you in danger of contracting the virus. It also is an unnecessary waste of time. 

    This is where pulse oximeters have been proven to be very helpful. These portable oxygen saturation monitoring devices are easy to use and give accurate readings about the blood oxygen level in our body. 

     Let’s get into details about oximeters and where to buy the best oximeter in Qatar.


    What is pulse oximeter?

    Pulse oximeter is a compact device that measures the oxygen saturation level of the body. In simple terms, it calculates your oxygen level and gives an indication whether it is lower and higher than the optimum level. 

    This device is simple and light and easily measures the blood oxygen level without causing any pain to your body.


    How to use pulse oximeter 

    Oximeters are simple and easy to use devices. The most commonly used oximeters are the fingertip pulse oximeter. Anyone can use these because they are not complicated and give accurate readings. 

    Fingertip pulse oximeters are clip-like devices which are put on the fingers. Make sure your hand is at a normal body temperature and your body is relaxed so as to get the correct reading. It is recommended to place the oximeter on your middle or index finger for at least a minute to get accurate reading.


    Where can you buy oximeter in Qatar 

    It is recommended that you buy the best quality blood oxygen monitor devices if you want accurate reading and avoid confusion. You can get a local and cheap pulse oximeter at any medical store but it won’t guarantee you longevity and accuracy. Also, going out during these times is risky and should be avoided.

    Taking into consideration these points, the best choice is to buy an oximeter online. Care and cure pharmacy is the best online store in Qatar to buy an oximeter and other similar devices. 

    At the care and cure online store you can buy the best oxygen saturation monitors and get them delivered in just a day. 

    The best part? You don’t have to leave your house, the oximeter will come to you.


    What’s the average price of pulse oximeter?

    The average pulse oximeter price in Qatar currency ranges between 300 QAR to as high as 1000 QAR. 

    If you want to buy a good quality, top brand pulse oximeter in Qatar at a cheap price then care n cure pharmacy is your go to online store.


    Things to consider before buying a pulse oximeter 

    • Read the reviews before buying any pulse oximeter 
    • Check your budget and go for the one that is rated best in that price range 
    • The oximeter you are buying should give accurate reading 
    • Whether you want the in-built alarm/buzzer or not 
    • The brand of the blood oxygen level monitoring device and its customer reviews

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    Medically reviewed by Tina Joy, Pharmacist, Care n Cure Pharmacy