Why is it Necessary to Use Humidifiers in Winter?

Winter is on the verge, and the season brings with it the issue of dryness due to lack of moisture. Cold air, dryness and freezing temperatures make it challenging for individuals with underlying asthma issues, throat infections, and much more.

A humidifier is an excellent option to keep the air warm and add moisture to it. This article discusses the benefits of using a Humidifier in winter in detail and elaborates on how it benefits health during winter.

What is a Humidifier?

Humidifier therapy is the process of adding moisture to the air. It helps prevent dryness, which can lead to irritation in various body parts. A humidifier effectively treats individuals who suffer from dryness of the throat, skin, lips and nose. Additionally, it also helps in easing the discomfort caused due to common cold and flu.

There are five types of humidifiers. The effectiveness varies as per individual preferences and the region to use moisture. These include:

  • Central humidifiers
    • The humidifiers are hard-wired into the plumbing system of your house. It is a kind of forced air heating system that creates optimal humidity levels in the building.
  • Steam Vaporizers
    • Steam or warm steam vaporizer is portable and electrically powered. It relieves individuals suffering from cough by reducing the congestion in the chest. It is also useful for sinuses. A steam vaporizer works by heating the water and producing steam.
  • Evaporators
    • An evaporative humidifier includes an in-built fan that draws in air and blows down a moist wick filter from the bottom of the machine. The air pushed out or sprayed out helps increase the room's air humidity.
  • Ultrasonic humidifiers
    • Ultrasonic humidifiers work by producing cool mist through the process of vibrating water at ultrasonic speed. These are low maintenance and noise-free and assist in adding moisture to the air.
  • Impeller humidifiers
    • Impeller humidifiers include a rotating disc that aids in flinging the water inside the diffuser. It later breaks down the water into tiny droplets, which enter the air making it moist.

    Benefits of Using Humidifier in Winter:

    benefits of using humidifier in winter - infographics

    It moisturizes skin

    Winter brings along dryness issues for the skin, throat and lips by sucking out moisture from the air. Humidifiers help in adding moisture to the air and skin, helping maintain a healthy and vibrant atmosphere.

    Prevents snoring

    Dry air can be really problematic for individuals who have the issue of snoring. That can create much discomfort when sleeping. A humidifier helps moisturize the air and ease the throat of dryness, preventing irritation leading to snoring.

    Helps in easing the issue of asthma

    Individuals who have asthma find it difficult during winter. Dry air tends to remove moisture from the throat, causing irritation and increasing the issue. A humidifier helps in adding moisture and easing the throat. However, it is recommended to check with a medical expert before using a humidifier. Using a humidifier is especially beneficial after using aroma oil.

    Reduces any risk of infection

    Dry air is more prone to bacteria and viruses, which can easily get into the throat and irritate the skin. As per research, the increasing humidity level in the property, up to 43%, minimizes the risk of airborne illness and infections.

    Reduces dry eyes

    Winter causes itching and burning sensations in the eyes. Humidifiers help in effectively solving the problem of dry eyes.

    Reduces static charge in the air

    Dry air leads to the release of static charges. The humidifier turns the air moist, causing less static in hair and clothes.

    How to Choose the Right Air Humidifier?

    Purchasing the right humidifier can be quite a task. These depend upon different criteria, which are as below:

    • Check the size of the room: As per the Environment protection agency, a humidifier must be between 30 to 50 percent
    • Ensure to measure the square foot of the room. While the small humidifier is best for rooms up to 300 sq. feet, a medium humidifier is suited for 399 to 499 sq. feet and a large variety suit for spaces above 500 sq ft
    • Analyse if the humidifier makes any noise or not. If yes, how much noise can you tolerate?
    • Check if the humidifier has any additional features like a timer or a humidistat which shuts off when the air humidity is reached.

    Key takeaways:

    • A humidifier is an excellent option to keep the air warm and add moisture to it.
    • A humidifier effectively treats individuals who suffer from dryness of the throat, skin, lips and nose in winter
    • Using a humidifier in winter helps in easing the issue of asthma, reduces any risk of infection etc.


    Best Brands of Air Humidifiers in Qatar?

    Winter is the time of the year when the temperature level falls. As a result, the temperature turns dry and cold, directly impacting health. The indoor air also becomes very dry, leading to more discomfort. Here is where humidifiers come into the picture.

    Humidifiers function by bringing comfort and moisture inside the house. It disperses moisture in the air thereby reducing dryness. Here are the best brand of air humidifiers in Qatar.

    Beurer LB 44 Air Humidifier

    Beurer LB 44 Air Humidifier

    Beurer LB 44 air humidifier employs ultrasound humidification technology to provide optimum air humidity indoors during winter. It is kids friendly and noise free.

    Distinctive features:

    • It is energy efficient and noise free
    • It consists of removable tank to view the water level
    • It includes LED indicator and automatic switch off facility
    • It is also suited to enhance room fragrance using aroma oils

    Beurer LB 37 Air Humidifier

    Beurer LB 37 Air Humidifier

    Beurer LB 37 air humidifier consists of ultrasonic humidification technology to prevent dryness in the air. Besides, it also includes the feature to add favorite aroma oils to disperse fragrant air.

    Distinctive features:

    • It includes a two-stage nebulization level
    • It consists automatic switch-off button
    • It comprises of night mode feature allowing noise-free operations and no bright lights
    • It includes white and blue LED indicators and red indicator to empty the water tank

    Medel Air Ultrasonic Humidifier

    Medel air humidifier is a one-stop solution for purifying the air of all the dust and bacteria. It provides a relative humidity ranging between 40% to 65%, it ensures a healthy and comfortable indoor environment for everyone during winters.

    Distinctive features:

    • It helps maintain optimal humidity
    • It clears all the dust and bacteria from the air that can irritate the mucous membranes
    • It contributes to well being health from causing colds
    • It is suitable for kids and toddlers

    Xiaomi Smart Humidifier

    Xiaomi smart humidifiers help maintain the air humidity at a constant level. It ensures to keep the air cleaner and free of bacteria.

    Distinctive features:

    • It is equipped with an ultraviolet lamp
    • It helps to keep up to 98.8% bacteria
    • Its hygrostat feature helps in maintaining humidity in the air
    • It cleans the air of dust and bacteria

    Blu Breez Air Purifier

    Blu Breez Air Purifier

    Blu breez air purifier assists in keeping the surrounding air humidified and pure. Combined with natural aromas, it helps beat unpleasant odors and smells.

    Distinctive features:

    • It ionizes and purifies the surrounding air
    • It includes natural refreshing aromas
    • It humidifies the air and prevents dryness
    • It is useful during winters to keep the air fresh indoors

    Difference Between a Humidifier and a Dehumidifier?



    It adds moisture to the air

    It removes excess air (moisture?) from the air

    It breaks water into tiny particles and pushes it out as water vapour

    It takes moisture from the air and turns the air dry

    It works by boiling the water to produce steam which cools when exiting the humidifier

    It reduces the RH of indoor air by 30% to 50%


    A humidifier is the most preferred choice if you are someone who suffers from dry skin during winter it is the most preferred one. Additionally, if you are experiencing a nasal blockage or congestion due to dry air, the humidifier helps in breaking the mucus by adding more moisture to the air.

    Are Air Purifiers and Humidifiers Same?

    Air purifiers and humidifiers are different from each other. An air purifier operates by removing contaminants from the air. Therefore, it helps in improving the air quality inside the house. However, it does not help remove or add moisture to the air.

    On the other hand, a humidifier adds moisture to the air to improve dry air conditions. A humidifier helps increase the relative humidity when the air is too dry, especially during winter, thereby reducing irritation in the throat and nose.

    Buy the Best Humidifier for the Winter Climate in Qatar

    Qatar is more of a desert. The high temperature leads to a low level of humidity. A humidifier works well for Qatar's climate to prevent issues related to throat infections and keep the air moist indoors and outdoors. However, it leads to throat infection due to the cracking of mucous membranes in the nose and throat.

    Care n Cure is an online pharmacy in Qatar that provides a wide range of air humidifiers  online in Qatar required for different purposes. For example, Beurer LB 44 air humidifier helps keep the air relatively humid, which is also suitable for babies and toddlers. It is energy efficient and quiet and includes an LED indicator and an automatic switch off. Visit the website to browse different varieties of humidifiers suiting your needs. 


    Humidifiers are an excellent option if you suffer from dry skin or throat during winter. However, it is recommended to consult your medical practitioner before choosing a humidifier to ensure it suits your requirement. In addition, it is essential to choose the right type of humidifier from cool-mist humidifiers, ultrasonic and vaporizer humidifiers to deal with dry and cold air.

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    Medically reviewed by Tina Joy, Pharmacist, Care n Cure Pharmacy