Liptogrow Plus 3 400g
ليبتوجرو بلس 3-400 جم
QAR 35.00
Liptogrow Plus Stage 3 is the highest quality Swiss-made infant formula from 1 to 4 years. Fortified with prebiotics to...
ليبتوماما بلس فانيليا400جم
QAR 30.00
Liptomama plus is specifically designed for pregnant and lactating mothers and contains around 30 types of nutrients, vitamins and minerals....
Liptomil Plus 1 - 400gm
ليبتوميل بلس1-400جم
QAR 35.00
Liptomil Plus has a balance protein content and sucrose free to help reducing the incidence of child obesity. Fortified with...
Liptomil Plus 2 - 400gm
ليبتوميل بلس 2-400 جم
QAR 33.00
Liptomil Plus 2 is a premium high quality Swiss-Made follow on formula from 6 month until 1 year. MILK,BABY FORMULA,...
ليبتوميل بلس ايه سي 400 جم
QAR 38.00
From birth onwards Contains maltodextrin for easy digestion Decrease incidence of constipation and colic Support the maturation of the infant's...
Liptomil Plus Ar 400gm
حليب ليبتوميل بلس آر -400 جم
QAR 38.00
Short description: From birth onwards Support the maturation of the infant's GIT system Reduces spit up and regurgitation associated with...
Liptomil Plus Ha 400gm
ليبتوميل بلس ها 400 جم
QAR 41.00
Description: Liptomil Plus HA is a premium high quality infant formula from after birth onwards. It is designed for prevention...
Liptomil Plus Lf 400 gm
ليبتوميل بلس ال اف -400 جم
QAR 34.00
Liptomil Plus LF is a special infant formula for infants from birth onwards till 12 months of age suffering from...