Best Shower Routine and Products to Prevent Skin Damage in Winter

    Lazy winter mornings and excellent weather are two great combinations. However, bathing every day is essential to ensure you are fresh and ready to get set with the mundane chores. Although bathing has several health benefits, it may cause excessive skin damage during winter. Hence, knowing what is best for your skin during winter to glow with radiant skin is essential.

    This article discusses important shower routines to follow in winter and essential products to prevent skin damage during the cold, chilly season.

    Why is proper bathing necessary in winter?

    In our day-to-day life, we come in contact with many bacteria, germs and dirt. In addition, the air is dry during winter, which can cause infections and illnesses. Bathing with hot water during winter helps wash away germs and bacteria, relieves muscle tension, and promotes blood circulation. It is also recommended to use appropriate bath care products during winter to prevent dry skin, boost immunity, and reduce stress.

    Is it necessary to shower every day in winter?

    Taking a bath is necessary to get rid of dirt stuck in our body from sweating and day-to-day activities. However, long showers in hot water can harm your skin, especially during winter. The skin can turn flaky and dry, reducing the natural oil in the skin. Hence, it is recommended to bathe only some days in winter. Yet, if bathing is necessary, it is necessary to use shampoos and dry soaps and limit shower time to a maximum of 10 minutes.

    What happens if you don't take bath daily in winter?

    Not bathing for prolonged days during winter can raise the risk of bacterial and fungal infections as well as cause scaly skin. Although bathing every day during winter will reduce the presence of natural oil in the skin, it is advised not to take a bath daily during winter or if bathing every day, shower not more than 10 minutes.

    What are the skin diseases expected in winter?

    Although the weather during winter is quite enchanting, it also raises concerns about skin ailments. Some of the common skin diseases that tend to aggravate during winter are:

    • Chapped lips: The lip skin layer is very thin and is affected by dry weather. This dryness leads to the splitting of the skin.
    • Eczema: Conditions like eczema increase during winter due to dryness that causes asteatotic eczema, atopic dermatitis, etc. Individuals may experience itching and redness of the skin in winter.
    • Urticaria: Also known as hives are skin allergies caused due to external antigens on exposure to cold air. The condition causes redness and itching on the skin.
    • Windburns: People exposed to cold winters tend to face the issue of skin irritation. It causes skin redness, burning and dryness in areas exposed to cold air.
    • Chilblains: The condition is caused by a fall in temperature that makes the small vessels in the extremities of fingers and toes go through vasoconstriction. It leads to decreased oxygen and blood in these areas, causing purplish colouration accompanied by pain and itching.

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    Best Tips to Take Shower in Winters!

    • Avoid spending long hours in the shower with hot water

    • Try to avoid showering every day during winter

    • If you are showering every day, then do not shower for more than 10 minutes shower

    • Avoid using the wrong cleanser that may strip your skin of natural oils, thereby causing dryness

    • Exfoliate your skin with a good scrubber and use moisturising shaving cream before shaving your skin

    • Refrain from washing your hair too frequently during winter. Instead, use a little dry shampoo and conditioner if your scalp is too oily and a little oily shampoo if your scalp is too dry.

    Important bathing rules to follow every Winter

    • Everyday Bathing
      • Hot water showers during a lazy winter morning can surely rejuvenate and refresh you. Bathing in hot water produces a hyperthermic effect on the body to heat it and boost circulation. However, showering daily during winter can also cause dry skin due to a decrease in natural oils present in the skin. Hence, a 10-minute bath is considered ideal.
    • Choose the right temperature for the water
      • Our skin contains natural microbiota to maintain pH levels. Bathing in too hot or scalding water can damage healthy microbes and cause dry skin, itching as well as rashes. Hence, it is recommended to bathe in lukewarm water.
    • Use the right kind of skincare products
      • Every season reacts differently with our skin and hair. For example, winters reduce the natural oil level, causing dryness. Hence, using the right product, such as shampoo, conditioner, soap, etc., is essential.

    Best Shower Routine & Products to Prevent Skin Damage in Winter

    A good shower routine combined with proper products is imperative to prevent the skin from winter damage. So to counter skin damage in winter below is listed a detailed shower routine which is as follows:

    Shower Routine to Prevent Skin Damages in Winter

    Step 1: Use shower oil before showering

    A shower oil is best to take care of your skin dryness in winter. It keeps the skin moisturized, and also helps to make your skin glow.  Using a Shower Oil like Sebamed Cleansing Shower oil includes a pH value of 5.5, which aids in cleansing sensitive and dry skin. In addition, the shower oil contains 50% avocado oil that helps restore the skin's hydrolipid balance.


    • Its refatting effect helps to prevent lipid erosion during shower
    • It includes 18% Lecithin that reduces skin flaking and dryness
    • It decreases dryness and irritation that is generally caused by regular soap

    Step 2: Use Shampoo and Conditioner according to your hair

    The dryness of hair is common during the winter season. Certain shampoos and conditioners may reduce the level of sebum oil in the skin leading to conditions like dandruff. Using appropriate shampoo and conditioner is essential to prevent hair damage.

    Sebamed everyday hair repair shampoo is free of soap and helps gently cleanse the scalp. It is sensitive on the scalps and free of alkali, which keeps it hydrated—additionally, combining it with hair repair conditioner after shampooing helps improve dull and damaged hair.


    • It cleanses the scalp and keeps it hydrated
    • It helps fight dandruff and psoriasis
    • It is made of mild formula which prevents the hair from being stripped from natural oils and soap-based shampoos
    • It is free of irritants like propylene glycol, paraffin, parabens and phthalates
    • The conditioner improves dull hair by restoring keratin layers

    Step 3: Use a Shower Gel or Body Wash

    A Shower Gel or a Body Wash helps prevent dryness and protects the skin from itchiness. Shower gel like Bioderma Atoderm Shower Gel fits best for all skin types. It is a soap-free shower gel, so its moisture the skin, and also softens and protects the skin from dryness during winter. However, using a good scrubber is equally important.


    • It helps to keep the skin hydrated in winter
    • It softens and protects the skin

    Step 4: Scrub your Body in a Circular Motion

    Scrubbing helps in promoting circulation in the body. It assists in keeping the skin warm and prevents dryness. Scrubbing is an essential part of the bathing process. However, excessive scrubbing during winter can turn the skin itchy. Therefore, it is necessary to use a soft body scrub on the skin and it helps exfoliate old skin cells.

    Yoko Gold Salt Body Scrub Peach includes milk which is rightly suited for a good scrubbing session during the shower.


    • It includes ingredients like vitamin C, B3, and Hokkaido milk that brightens the skin.
    • The peach extract helps to keep the skin bright by adding vitamins A and C.
    • It contains vitamin C and B3 to prevent premature ageing.

    Step 5: Cleanse your body and face with a good Cleanser

    Cleansing your skin is an essential step of a shower. A good cleansing with a soap-free body cleanser contains all the essential ingredients to prevent skin dryness during winter.

    QV Intensive Moisturizing Cleanser is best suited for sensitive and dry skin which is prominent during winters. It will protect your face skin, from itching and flaky skin.


    • It is best suited for sensitive and dry skin and prevent irritations during winters
    • It is gentle on the skin and keeps it nourished
    • It comprises of light foam formulation that cleanses and softens the skin
    • It is free of any fragrance or any preservatives
    • It is suitable for itchy and sensitive skin
    • It is vegan friendly which contains no ingredients derived from animals.

    Step 6: After bathing apply a good Moisturizer on your skin

    One of the most important activities which should not be missed during winter is skin moisturizing.

    Soskin Moisturizing Anti-Ageing Cream A+ is an anti-aging moisturizer to reverse aging. It provides the skin with elasticity and keeps a youthful look to the face.


    • Keep the skin’s natural moisture
    • The Liposomal Centella content helps in maintaining the skin quality and fibers
    • It reduces fine lines and reduces burning sensation and soothes it
    • It consists of almond oil that offers skin brightness and maximizes comfort

    Step 7: Apply Hand and Foot Cream

    As essential as using good skin and hair care products during a shower, it is equally important to care for your hand and foot in post-shower. Due to the dry winter air, there is a chance of cracked skin on your hand, feet, and heels. A good hand and foot cream will provide faster relief from cracking, flaking and itchiness. 

    Eveline Glicerini Moisturizing Hand and Nail Cream by Care n Cure is known for its ability to deeply moisturize hands, skin, and nails. Its active ingredients of bio chamomile, glycerine, karite butter and collagen keep it silky smooth.

    On the other hand, Eveline Revitalum Regenerating foot cream suits best for cracked heels during the winter season. It is enriched with 25% Manuka oil and urea helps in regenerating cracked foot and skin irritation.

    Step 8: Apply Sunscreen

    As a thumb rule of the skincare routine, you should apply sunscreen as the final step of the routine. The sun can get too harsh during winter mornings, leading to tanning and premature aging. Hence, sunscreen is essential to your shower regime and handy in your skincare routine. 

    Also, keep in mind that, there is a higher chance to wear away sunscreen due to snow and strong winds. So applying one layer of sunscreen is not always going to be enough. So, in winter, it is recommended that you reapply your sunscreen every two hours when you are outdoors.

    Soskin SPF50+Sun Cream Very High Protection is rich with vitamin E that protects skin from the epidermis and it is suitable for all skin types.


    • It prevents skin dryness and pigmentation
    • It prevents premature aging
    • It is rich with vitamin E, protects the skin from epidermis
    • It softens skin and improves radiance
    • It is non-sticky and non-greasy

    Do you want a Refresh Feel after taking a Shower? 

    Who wouldn't like to glow with radiance always? Yet changing weather can have an effect on your skin and face differently. Hence using the right product for each weather is extremely important. Do you, too, want to look refreshed after a good shower in winter? Then, buy and try essential bath and body care products online in Qatar at Care n Cure.

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    Using the right products for your skin is a must, especially during winter. Knowing your skin type and what products will suit you well to prevent skin dryness are essential aspects of taking care of skin damage during winter. So, this winter, choose healthy skin and glow with radiance, saying no to dryness and flaky skin.

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