Rossmax Bp Monitor (Arm) X1
Rossmax Blood Pressure Monitor (Arm) X1
QAR 99.00
QAR 150.00
This kit includes- BP Monitor, Battery and Universal Cone Cuff (Adaptor needs to be bought separate) Blood pressure measurements determined...
Green Cross Alcohol 70% 500 ml
Green Cross Alcohol 70% 500 ml
QAR 9.50
Isopropyl Rubbing Alcohol 70% Solution Antiseptic-Disinfectant 500ml. Each 100ml contains 70ml of Isopropyl Alcohol. Provides everyday, accessible disinfecting with its...
Medica Underpads (24"-36") 60cm X 90 cm 15S
Medica Underpads (24"-36") 60cm X 90 cm 15S
QAR 28.00
(UNDER PADS, CLOTH PLACED OVER MATRESS, PROTECT URINE LEAKAGE) Protection for wheelchairs and beds Thick non-skid polypropylene backing Extra thick...
Rossmax Flexible Digital Thermometer Tg380
Rossmax Flexible Digital Thermometer TG380
QAR 35.00
Product Description: The  Digital  Medical  Thermometer  provides  quick,  highly  accurate  reading  over the human body temperature range. The quality of...
Rossmax Ac Adaptor 6V For Bp Monitor
Rossmax Ac Adaptor 6V For Bp Monitor
QAR 50.00
Product Features: Model No.   :HK-X205-A06  /  HK-X105-A06Input            : 100-240V, 50-60HzOutput         :...
Beurer Digital Thermometer Ft-09
Beurer FT-09 Oral Thermometer
QAR 30.00
Product Description: This digital thermometer offers high precision and accuracy. It does not contain mercury and is completely waterproof. After...
Ors New Orange 10 Sachets For 200ml
Ors New Orange 10 Sachets For 200ml
QAR 8.00
ORS New Orange Flavour has been formulated to restore the fluids and electrolytes lost due to dehydration that caused by...
Rossmax Pulse Oximeter Sb100
Rossmax Fingertip Pulse Oximeter SB100
QAR 280.00
Product Description: Rossmax   Fingertip   Pulse   Oximeter   SB100   is   used   to  measure  arterial  oxygen  saturation  (%  SpO2)  of  hemoglobin  and  pulse ...
Rossmax Sphygmomanometer GB102
Rossmax Sphygmomanometer GB102
QAR 130.00
Product Description: Blood  pressure  measurements  deter-mined  with  Aneroid  Sphygmomanometer  are  equivalent  to  those  obtained  by  a  trained  observer  using  cuff/stethoscope...
Rossmax Dig Thermometer Tg380 Qutie Kids
Rossmax Digital Flexible Thermometer TG380 Qutie
QAR 38.00
Product Description: The Digital Medical Thermometer provides quick, highly accurate reading over the human  body  temperature  range.  The  quality  of ...
One Touch + Rossmax Bp Monitor (Wrist) Offer
One Touch + Rossmax Blood Pressure Monitor (Wrist) Offer
QAR 225.00
Rossmax XL Deluxe Automatic Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor Product Description: This blood pressure monitor meets the Association for the Advancement...
Rossmax Non Contact Thermometer
Rossmax Non-Contact Thermometer HA500
QAR 175.00
Product Description: Advanced Infrared measuring system : For non-contact temperature measurement - The advanced infrared temperature measuring technology provides safe,...
One Touch Ultra Test Strips 50S
One Touch Ultra Test Strips 50S Special Price
QAR 99.00
QAR 156.00
The one-touch ultra-easy test strips are used with the one-touch ultra rasy blood glucose monitoring system for the quantitative measurement...
Beurer Flexible Thermo Meter Ft15
Beurer FT 15/1 Instant Thermometer
QAR 72.00
Product Description: The thermometer has a short measurement time of approx. 10 seconds. An acoustic signal is issued after the...
Rossmax Handheld Nebulizer Nh 60
Rossmax Handheld Piston Nebulizer NH60
QAR 199.00
QAR 420.00
Product Description: Particle size created by our VAT bottle is around 2.43 μm (MMAD) tested by Cascade Impactor. Compared to...
Dixy Oral Syringe 10 ml
Dixy Oral Syringe 10 ml
QAR 2.00
Product benefits: Easy to use with no spills or fuss. Readily accepted by an infants & elderly. Accurate 10ml measure...
Mabis Steam Inhaler
Mabis Steam Inhaler
QAR 269.00
The Mabis steam inhaler provides a natural, safe and effective therapy to relieve symptoms due to: allergies, bronchitis, colds, flu,...
Rossmax Pulse Oximeter Sb200
Rossmax Pulse Oximeter SB200
QAR 390.00
Product Description: Rossmax  Fingertip  Pulse  Oximeter  SB200  is  used  to  measure  arterial  oxygen  saturation  (%  SpO2)  of  hemoglobin  and  pulse ...
Beurer Gl 44/Gl 50 Codefree Blood Glucose Test Strips 50S
Beurer GL 44/GL 50 Codefree Blood Glucose Test Strips 50PCS
QAR 147.00
Product Description: Beurer GL44/GL50 blood glucose test strips are one of the components of a diabetes monitoring system. Specifically designed...
Yuwell Elbow Crutches (Black/Grey/Silver)
Yuwell Elbow Crutches (Black/Grey/Silver)
QAR 40.00
Wrap your forearm with easy force with Yuwell Walking Stick YU823 SPECIFICATION Aluminium alloytube Oxidize surface Height adjustable range: 940...
Kool Fever Adult 4S
Kool Fever Adult 4S
QAR 25.00
Kool Fever Adult absorbs and disperses heat effectively. It can be used immediately when any of your family members becomes...
Medica Blood Lancet 100S
Medica Blood Lancet 100S
QAR 12.00
Relax Under Pads 60Cmx90Cm 15S
Relax Under Pads 60Cmx90Cm 15S
QAR 36.00
Highly ubsorbent under pads satisfy all kinds of adults special needs , non-woven covering provides protection from irritation by avoiding...
Rossmax Bp Monitor (Arm) Au941F
Rossmax Blood Pressure Monitor (Arm) AU941f
QAR 350.00
Product Description: Blood pressure measurements determined with AU941f are equivalent to those obtained by  a  trained  observer  using  cuff/stethoscope  auscultation ...