How Covid-19 is reshaping online pharmacy in Qatar?

    Covid 19 had made quite an immense change in the way people purchase and market goods and services. Instead of a brick-and-mortar shop, everyone now prefers online shopping. E-pharmacy is the next big evolution that is going to shape the healthcare sector. Want to know more?


    What is an online pharmacy?

    An online pharmacy is applying the internet and technology to access online portals of e-commerce in drugs and medical equipment. The e-pharmacy is also known as web-pharmacy and cyber-pharmacy. The customers are facilitated to stay at home and order their medications without going to offline pharmacies.

     This idea of e-pharmacies became a huge success with Covid-19 as people started practicing social distancing and quarantine. Thus, this medical supply model became more and more popular across the world, and people started depending on online pharmacies. Also, the use of e-prescriptions and online healthcare practices has led to the overall growth of e-pharmacies.

    How do online pharmacies work?

    Online pharmacies usually work through a website or an application that lists their products and services available online. This online medicines app or website, after being logged in, usually assists in searching for the particular medicine or medical item. It also provides an option to upload prescriptions and the place of delivery. A registered pharmacist then examines the received order. Then the order is processed, and the medicines are picked from the respective sources. The medicines are again cross-checked by a professional pharmacist and are dispensed out for delivery. The payment is either done online or offline through cash-on-delivery. 



    Benefits of e-pharmacies in Qatar

    Covid-19 and Online Pharmacy in Qatar

    As covid-19 infected the world with its viral strands, the healthcare system worldwide has been affected seriously by its pangs. Healthcare specialists and pharmacists were angels sent from above as they helped people make pace with corona, whether it be treatment or prevention. The Primary Health Care Corporation in Qatar (PHCC) issued orders on refilling prescriptions of quarantine patients during the pandemic to observe social distancing. It also announced the commencement of medication home delivery services and virtual healthcare delivery models. This influenced the pharmacy sector greatly, and Qatar online pharmacies like Care n Cure gained momentum. 

    Benefits of e-pharmacies in Qatar

    E-pharmacies are more beneficial when compared to offline medical stores. They are easy to access if you have a good internet connection. The convenience of finding the medicine you prefer is large compared to conventional pharmacies where products displayed online scarcely go out of stock. Hard-to-find medicines are easily available in online pharmacies so that you need not roam around the town, from pharmacy to pharmacy, hunting for a particular medicine or medical product. 

    Price Benefit is another advantage of e-pharmacies. Online pharmacies often offer discounts and offer on selected products to increase their sales. According to Law no. 1 of 1986 on the Registration of Pharmaceutical companies and their products, every pharmacy, online or offline, should be verified by the Qatar Government. Thus, verified online pharmacies are safe and can support many schemes and government initiatives too. 

    Medicine home delivery is the foremost benefit of online medical stores in Qatar. Online medicines apps like Care n cure provides express delivery that reaches you within 1 to 5 hours of order placement. 

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    Medically reviewed by Tina Joy, Pharmacist, Care n Cure Pharmacy