Essential Medical Tests for Qatar Visiting Visa Applicants


    Are you considering a visit to Qatar? Well, before you lock in that trip, there are a few things that all Qatar Visa applicants need to know. Medical Tests are a mandatory aspect of the Qatar Visa Application procedures, so it is important for you to understand which tests are needed and which aren’t as you prepare to board a plane to this country. 

    This blog will give you a quick look at what medical tests you need to undergo and why you need them to enter the borders of Qatar.

    Qatar's Visa Requirements

    When planning your trip to Qatar, you should keep in mind the Qatar Visa requirements before everything else. Securing your Qatar Visa is vital to your successful entry into the country. Let’s take a look at what you need to know about the requirements associated with your Qatar Visa:

    1. Eligibility

    One of the most critical aspects of securing a Visa is ensuring you are eligible for a Qatar Visa. Clearing eligibility ensures that your Visa application is considered.


    2. Visa Application

    A properly filled application with all the necessary details is an essential requirement for your Qatar Visa application. You can read more about your Visa application procedure on the official Qatar Visa Centre website here.

    3. Documentation

    Depending on your nationality and country of residence, the documentation required may change. Take time to look into what documents you may need before you make your application.

    4. Processing Time

    Every Qatar Visa application will take a certain amount of time to process. You should be prepared to wait it out once you have made your final application submission.

    5. Medical Tests

    Last and most importantly, get your required medical tests completed! This is the main topic of discussion for this blog.

    Why are Medical Tests for Qatar Visas Important?

    Medical Tests are essential for any person looking to enter the nation of Qatar. In order to protect its residents, Qatar has implemented certain regulations for those seeking entry into the country. The reasons for why a Qatar Visa requires medical testing are given below:


  • To Protect Public Health
  • The health and safety of its residents is a priority for any nation. Therefore, these medical tests are put in place to ensure that contagious illnesses do not enter the country and spread.


  • Ensuring Early Detection
  • Another huge reason why these medical tests are a requirement is early detection. Medical examination can reveal any underlying conditions that you might be unaware of. This can enable you to catch illnesses, infections, or internal issues early and better handle your health.


    List of Required Medical Tests

    The list of required medical tests is short yet comprehensive. You need to go through medical tests for each of the following conditions in order to be eligible for legal entry into Qatar.

    • Blood Group
    • Hepatitis B
    • Hepatitis C
    • HIV
    • Chest X-ray
    • Tuberculosis


    In order to get these tests done, each individual is required to carry the following documents into their appointment:

    1. Copy of immunisation records
    2. Medical records of past surgeries or illnesses
    3. Four recent passport-size photos
    4. Passport 
    5. Photocopy of Biographical page from passport

    Importance of Each Medical Test

    You might be wondering why there is such a specific Qatar Visa Medical Test list before entry. Here are the reasons why each of these medical tests are a necessity to visit Qatar.


  • Blood Group Testing
  • Knowing your blood group is extremely important in case of medical emergencies and blood transfusions.


  • Hepatitis B & C Testing
  • Preventing the spread of both Hepatitis B & C is a public health priority. Therefore, identifying the presence of either of these liver infections is essential.


  • HIV Testing
  • HIV is the virus that causes AIDS. Early identification of the presence of HIV can help control the spread and allow the infected individual to access proper healthcare.


  • Chest X-ray
  • Chest X-rays can help identify serious lung infections like tuberculosis and pneumonia.


  • Tuberculosis
  • Tuberculosis is a severe and contagious bacterial infection. Testing for tuberculosis is a matter of public safety.


    Alternate Option for Getting Medical Test for Qatar Visa


    In order to get your medical tests scheduled, you can also make an appointment at clinics or hospitals approved by the Wafid Program.

     The Wafid program is part of the Gulf Health Council and helps individuals book medical check-up appointments to ensure their fitness. 

     If you are bound for work or residency in a Gulf country, you can book your appointment on the Wafid site.

     Here are the steps you need to take to book your appointment:

     Step 1: Go to the Wafid website here

     Step 2: Press “Book an Appointment”

     Step 3: Enter your Country, City, and Country you are travelling to (This will automatically assign a medical centre to you)

     Step 4: Enter all your required information and hit “Save and Continue.”

     Step 5: Make your Payment at the Payment Gateway

    Step 6: A slip will be generated for the medical examination. Visit your assigned medical centre at the earliest to do your medical examination.

    Cost of Medical Test for Qatar Visa

    The cost of medical tests can vary depending on which country the applicant is applying to. However, the price is usually 290 QAR, paid in the local currency.

    Tips for a Smooth Visa Application Process

    If you want to avoid any hiccups, delays, or rejections in your Visa application procedure, you must be extra careful when going through each step. To make your whole process as smooth as possible, here are some essential tips that will assist you:


  • Use the Hayya Platform

    For many nationalities, the Hayya platform is a convenient online portal for obtaining an e-visa. With Hayya, you won’t have to worry about physical visits, and the online process can streamline your Visa application.


  • Check your Eligibility and Visa Type beforehand

    If you check your eligibility and type of Visa beforehand, you can cut down the time taken to fill out your application. 


  • Gather all your Documents Early

    Having all your documents on hand before you start filling out your application can be a big help. You can scan and enter them easily into your application, cutting down on the time taken to complete it.


  • Double Check your Application Details

    Before you submit your final application, double-check all your details and information to ensure that your visa approval is on schedule.


  • Meet your Medical Test Requirements

    Ensure you get your medical tests done at a recognized clinic or hospital. Take time to understand the aspects involved with each test. There will be a checklist of required medical examinations, so make sure you get them all done to easily complete the medical portion of your Visa application. 



    If you plan a visit to Qatar, ensure you get your medical tests done correctly. Completing your Qatar Visa Medical Test List is crucial to the final approval of your visiting Visa. 

     Make sure you test for your blood group, tuberculosis, Hepatitis B & C, and HIV, and take a chest X-ray to complete your medical checklist for a Qatar visa. 

     The Qatar Visa Centre is the best medium to ensure the most seamless application experience. The Wafid portal is also a substantial alternative, but the QVC is the official portal for all your queries and needs.

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