Health Guide for Travelers to Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup

    Do you know Qatar will be the first Arab country to host the FIFA World Cup in 2022? Yes, you heard it right, the 22nd FIFA World Cup, especially the quadrennial international men’s football, is all set to be scheduled from 21 November 2022 to 18 December 2022. Besides, it is the second world cup hosted by an Asian country.

    Read the entire article to get complete information about the current health regulations laid by Qatar government, rules to be followed by visitors, detailed information about the vaccinations, prevention techniques, and the hospitals in the nearby regions to all the stadiums.

    Important Health Regulations to Know in Qatar

    1. A mandatory health insurance system was introduced in Qatar for all visitors

      1. Qatar Law no 22 came into force in May 2022. It was raised in 2021, and regulations passed by the Health Care Services issued by Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani were published in the official gazette within the Health Care Services Law.
      2. The law mandates every expatriate and visitor to show proof of health insurance backed by adequate complaint coverage during the entire duration. In addition, they must obtain an entry-level visa and renew their residence permit too for employing expatriates.

    2. Health & Hygiene Protocols for FIFA World Cup Fans to Qatar

      1. All attendees attending the FIFA World Cup must follow the health and hygiene guidelines as set by the State of Qatar under the guidance of the Ministry of Public Health. These include following prevention techniques and entering Qatar only after getting vaccinated.

    3. Qatar Says Only Vaccinated Fans Allowed at FIFA World Cup 2022

      1. The recent mandate released on 12 June 2022 requires passengers traveling to Qatar from a foreign country to show a negative COVID 19 test result or certificate of immunity/ recovery from the virus dating 12 months from the date of infection.
    4. Face Masks Mandated to be Worn in closed Public Spaces in Qatar

      1. As per the reports released on 07 July 2022, the Qatar Cabinet amended the decision taken on 18 May 2022. Based on the news, the cabinet has made it mandatory to wear face masks in closed public spaces. Every citizen, visitors and residents of Qatar will not be allowed to enter any public space like malls, museums, restaurants, or stadiums without masks.

    Covid 19 in Qatar

    Qatar's government and the health ministry are taking all necessary precautions to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 contagion virus during the prolonged stay in Qatar for those attending the FIFA World cup. As of 05 July 2022, there have been a total of 376,149 confirmed COVID 19 cases and 678 deaths as reported by WHO at Qatar. 

    Do you require Quarantine?

    The quarantine rules will hugely depend on factors such as which country you had arrived from, whether you have taken COVID-19 vaccination, the number of doses and when you were last infected.

    Attendees will have to prove their immunity by providing a verifiable lab test result to prove they have recovered from COVID 19. The duration of immunity set by the Qatar Ministry of Public Health is 12 months from the date of COVID-19 infection.

    Travelers showcasing symptoms and traveling from a country with high cases must complete their quarantine in a hotel by booking a Welcome Home quarantine package via Discover Qatar website.

    No testing will be conducted on arrival to Qatar at the ports. However, visitors must get a PCR test done 48 hours prior to arrival or vaccination along with providing a negative PCR test certificate.

    Visitors arriving from red countries (with maximum COVID-19 cases) must get an antigen test performed within 24 hours of entry. Unvaccinated visitors on arrival must quarantine for 5 months and take a COVID 19 test on the 5th day.

    Vaccinated attendees from red marked countries must quarantine for 1 day and get their PCR test reports.

    Besides, travelers are not allowed to self test rapid antigen. However, post travel or on arrival the test must be performed by an authorized health facility at any PHCC or private clinic. GCC residents or non-resident of Qatar who are subjected to home quarantine with first degree relatives must get the testing done at any authorized private clinic. Children below 12 years must be accompanied by a parent and it will be tested at the entry port at land, sea or airport.

    Required vaccinations before Qatar visit

    Do you know FIFA World Cup Vaccine Requirements? As per the recent regulations, every visitor must observe covid rules to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus. The Qatar Ministry of Public Health has established a new group of the existing vaccines.

    Check out the list of mandatory Covid vaccinations required to enter Qatar for FIFA 2022:

    mandatory Covid vaccinations before Qatar visit

    Group A Approved Vaccines:

    Group A includes the vaccines that are approved.

    • Pfizer/ BioNTech (Comirnaty) – Two Doses
    • AstraZeneca (Covishield/ Vaxzevria/ oxford) – Two Doses
    • Moderna (SpikeVax) – Two Doses
    • Janssen/ Johnson & Johnson – One Dose

    Conditionally Approved Vaccinations

    This group comprises other vaccines which are conditionally approved such as Sinopharm, Covaxin, Sputnik, and Sinovac which can be taken for urgent needs to prevent and control the spread of Coronavirus pandemic.

    • Sinovac – Two Doses
    • Covaxin – Two Doses
    • Sinopharm vaccine – Two Doses
    • Sputnik – Two Doses

    Additionally, individuals who have received vaccinations with conditionally approved vaccines must provide a positive Serology on Antibody Test lab result accompanied with an application no longer than 30 days. Those failing to provide the result must undergo five days of quarantine after arriving in Qatar.

    Ehteraz App - COVID 19 Indicator for Residents and Travelers

    Ehteraz is a contact tracing app by the Ministry of Public Health, Qatar developed to support public health. This app provides the live status of each registered user’s current COVID-19 health and vaccination status. 

    It is mandatory to install the app in their smartphones for all travelers as well as residents of Qatar aged 18 years and above in addition to those who are 12 years or older. Also, it is compulsory for those who are traveling or accessing locations across Qatar without an adult. The app assists to identify people who may be at high risk of contracting the virus.

    How to register?

    • Users must download the application from either Google Play or App Store
    • Complete the registration by inputting either of the following in the app;
      • Visa number
      • Passport number
      • GCC ID number
      • QID

    Qatar introduced this app as mandatory , therefore all visitors coming to Qatar should be aware of the basic information about the Ehteraz app.

    Climate during World Cup 2022 in Qatar

    The weather in Qatar is subject to change as per the conditions at the world cup. As per the weather forecast, the weather in Qatar in November will be hot, with the average temperature between 24 degrees Celsius and 29 degrees Celsius. Besides, visitors can expect a combination of hot and rainy days during November, resulting in humid days.

    Weather-wise, is November a good time to visit Qatar?

    Yes, Mid November to March is the ideal time to visit Qatar as the temperature is not too hot and thus bearable.

    Average temperature in Qatar in November

    The average temperature in Qatar during November is hot, ranging between 24 and 29 degrees.

    Chance of rain in Qatar in November

    There is a meager chance of rain in Qatar in November, which is forecasted for a day. On the other days, the weather would be a combination of dry and humid.

    Can it snow in Qatar in November?

    No. People can expect humidity which can rise to the 40s and low 50s. However, snowfall is unlikely to happen ever in Qatar at any time of the year.

    Aware of diseases that are most affected by climate changes

    Climate change and extreme heat can make travelers susceptible to viruses, allergies, infections etc. These include allergies like cough, asthma, water-related ailments etc.

    Things to consider when a person visits Qatar in November

    Travelers are recommended to carry clothes made of linen and cotton that are comfortable to bear the heat. Besides, I also take necessary medicines to treat allergies, infections etc. They can also order medicines online from care n cure, one of the major pharmacies in Qatar.

    Things to consider a person visit Qatar in November

    • Wear cotton and linen clothes which will help you bear the humid climate.
    • Carry first aid kit and essential medicines like throat lozenges, for headache, allergies and bandaids.
    • Drink lot of water to keep yourself hydrated in the hot climate.
    • Wear a sunscreen to protect yourself from heat.
    • Get your entire health checked for any allergies or ailments before visit.
    • Consult a medical practitioner if you are experiencing any symptoms.

    Chance of travel-related diseases and preventions for traveling fans

    Prevention is always better to avoid falling prey to any unforeseen illnesses when traveling abroad. Herein, it is recommended for travelers to get all the appropriate vaccinations before traveling to Qatar. They must also check for vaccines and medicines when visiting the doctor at least a month prior to the trip. Children are vulnerable to getting exposed to illnesses found across different geographies. For instance, infants from 6 to 11 months must mandatorily get 1 dose of measles-mumps-rubella (MMR vaccine) taken before travel.

    The common travel-related diseases include:

    • E.Coli (Enterotoxic E.Coli Diarrhea)
    • Influenza
    • Malaria
    • Traveler’s diarrhea
    • Typhoid
    • Tuberculosis
    • SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome)

    Travelers are also at the risk of contracting sexually contacted diseases through an infected person and illness spread through animals. These include:

    • Hepatitis A, B and C
    • Rabies due to dog bites
    • HIV Infection
    • Gonorrhea
    • Yellow Fever
    • Dengue Fever
    • Legionella Infection
    • Prion diseases
    • Poliomyelitis
    • Meningococcal disease

    Travelers must consider taking appropriate vaccinations for yellow fever, malaria, rabies, etc. before traveling to Qatar to prevent any illness and enjoy the trip.

    Some of the required vaccinations to visit Qatar include:

    • Diphtheria-Tetanus-Pertussis vaccine
    • Flu/ Influenza
    • Polio Vaccine
    • Shingles
    • Chickenpox (Varicella)
    • Hepatitis A (Recommended for unvaccinated travelers one year old or older going to Qatar)
    • Hepatitis B (Recommended for unvaccinated travelers of all ages to Qatar)

    Besides, cases of middle east respiratory syndrome (MERS) coronavirus are also reported in Qatar that is transmitted via camels and products contaminated with camel secretions. Travelers are advised to avoid any contact with camels.

    Additionally, Qatar is known for high air pollution and experiencing dust and sand storms which can lead to breathing issues. Thus, it would help if you talked to your medical advisor before traveling to Qatar.

    Take a health kit while traveling!

    Carrying a medical-travel kit comprising all essential items for treating minor ailments will save you from emergencies. The kit must include paracetamol, blister plasters, electrolyte sachets, throat lozenges, ear plugs, diarrheals, sanitisers, and athlete’s foot powder and a few essentials.  Be aware of the certain rules and regulations laid down regarding carrying medicines to Qatar

    If you get sick While You are in Qatar

    There are many public and private medical facilities available in Qatar. Travelers will have to pay upfront. You will require quick medical evaluation in situations where you are sick or injured. Thus having travel insurance is recommended. If you are ill or experiencing flu-like symptoms such as cough, fever, body ache or change in smell or taste, immediately connect 16000 (COVID-19 Call Center) and home quarantine for five days.

    Major Healthcare Facilities Near the World Cup Stadiums in Qatar

    Multiple first AID facilities are available located nearby to each stadium that will be holding the FIFA World Cup. These include both private and government hospitals.

    Hospitals Near Al Bayt Stadium - Located in the southern city of Al Wakrah

    Multiple governments and private hospitals are located in the southern part of Al Wakrah. Al Bayt Stadium is a football stadium located in Al Khor, Qatar and will be scheduling the FIFA World Cup 2022

    • Hamad General Hospital (Govt/Public Healthcare Facility)
      • Location: Al Wukair Street, Opposite Ezdan Mall, Al Wukair

      • Tel: +974 4011 4444

      • Customer Service Center: 16060

      • E-mail:

    • Al Wakra Hospital (Gov Hospital)
      • Location: Hamad Medical Corporation P.O. Box 3050 Doha, Qatar

      • Tel: +974 4011 4444
      • Customer Service Number: 4011 4314
      • Email:
    • Al Wakra HC - Primary Health Care Corporation
      • Location: Al-Mina Street (B Ring Road), Opp DoubleTree Hilton Hotel P.O.Box: 26555

      • Tel: +974 4406 9917

      • Customer Service Number: 107

      • Email:

    • Al- Ahli Hospital (Al Wakrah Branch)
      • Location: Ahmed Bin Ali Street, P.O.Box 6401, Doha, Qatar
      • Tel: +974 4489 8888
      • Email:
    • Naseem Medical Center
      • Location: C Ring Road, Doha, Qatar, P.O.Box 22368

      • Tel: +974 4465 2121/ +974 4465 5151

      • Email:

    • Kims Medical Center in Al Wakrah(Private Healthcare facility)
      • Location: Abdulrahman Bin Jassim Al Thani Street, P.O.Box 82125, New Wakra, Qatar

      • Tel: +974 4020 7100

      • Email:

    Hospitals Near Khalifa International Stadium - Located in Al Rayyan, Doha, Qatar

    It is a multi-purpose stadium in Qatar that is part of the Doha Sports City Complex, rated 4 stars in the Global Sustainability Assessment System (GSAS).

    • Al Rayyan HC - Primary Health Care Corporation (Public Healthcare Facility)
      • Location : GQV+6XQ، Al Mina Street , P.O. Box: 26555, Al Rayyan, Doha

      • Email: 

      • Tel : +974 4406 9917

    • Al Wehda Medical Center
      • Location: D Ring Road, Qatar

      • Tel: +974 4444 4073/ +974 4444 4072

      • Email:
      • Location :Al Emadi Hospital Clinics - North, Al Rayyan, Qatar.

      • Tel:  +974 4477 6444 

      • Email :

    • Aspetar Hospital
      • Location : Sport City Street, Inside Aspire Zone, Al Buwairda St, Near Khalifa Stadium. P.O. Box 29222, Doha, Qatar

      • Tel : +974 4413 2000

    • Naseem Medical Center - Al Rayyan

    Hospitals Near Al Thumama stadium - Located in Al Thumama, Qatar

    Al Thumana stadium, listed among the top 8 stadiums for hosting the FIFA World cup in Qatar, is located near the Hamad International airport.

    • Al Thumama Health Center (Public Healthcare Facility)
      • Location: Al Fadaill St Al Thumama QA, Al Fadaill St. Doha, Qatar

      • Tel: +974 4406 9917

      • Email:

    • Al Waab Health Center Qatar (Public Healthcare Facility)
      • Location: Al Mina Street (B Ring Road), Opp. DoubleTree Hilton Hotel, P.O.Box 26555
      • Tel: +974 4406 9917
      • Email:

    • American Hospital Clinics
      • Location : C Ring Road, Al Muntazah St, Near Al Andalus Petrol Station, P.O.Box 22314, Doha
      • Tel : (+974) 44079601
      • Email :

    Hospitals Near Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium - Located in Umm Al Afaei, ‎Al Rayyan‎, ‎Qatar

    • Al Rayyan HC - Primary Health Care Corporation (Public Healthcare Facility)
    • SAAC Polyclinic
      • Location: Al Luqta Area, Building No. 147, Doha, Qatar

      • Tel: +974 4019 1919

      • Email:

    • Naseem Medical Center - Al Rayyan
    • Al Wehda Medical Group

    Hospitals Near Lusail Stadium - Located in Lusail, ‎Qatar

    It is an 80,000-seater stadium, one of Qatar's ambitious projects. It is located 15km north of central Doha with ample green spaces.

    • Al Waab Health Center(Govt owned)
      • Location: Al Mina Street (B Ring Road), Opp. DoubleTree Hilton Hotel, P.O.Box 26555

      • Tel: +974 4406 9917

      • Email:

    • Marble Medical Center
      • Location: Building No 158, Zone 68, Street 871, Doha, Qatar

      • Tel: +974 4032 3232
      • Email:
    • Alfardan Medical with Northwestern Medicine
      • Location: Burj Alfardan, Lusail, Qatar
      • Tel: +974 4004 6000
      • Email:
    • DOC Medical Center
      • Location: 27 Al Kinana Street Al Sadd, Qatar

      • Tel: +974 4475 3333

      • Email:

    • Platinum Medical Center
      • Location: QiG Tower, 17th Floor, Lusail, Qatar

      • Tel: +974 4455 0411/ +974 3355 0422

      • Email:

    Hospitals Near Stadium 974 - Located in Ras Abu Aboud, Doha, Qatar

    Among the eight FIFA World Cup stadiums in Qatar, Stadium 974 was inaugurated on 30 November 2021. It is a temporary venue designed using 974 recycled shipping containers to host the world cup.

    • Primary Healthcare Centers in Ras Abu Aboud Qatar (Govt Owned)
    • Al Waab Health Center, Doha (Govt Owned) 
    • Al Emadi Hospital
      • Location: Al Hilal West, Doha P.O.Box 50000, Qatar

      • Tel: +974 4477 6444

      • Email:

    • American Hospital Clinics, Doha

    Hospitals Near Education City Stadium - Located in Education City, ‎Al Rayyan‎, ‎Qatar

    Education City Stadium is located near Al Rayyan that comprises the capacity to retain over 25000 seats.

    • Al Rayyan HC - Primary Health Care Corporation (Govt)
      • Location :  Al Maszhabiliya St, Ar-Rayyan, Qatar

      • Tel : +974 4406 9917

    • Al Jazeera Medical Center | Al Rayyan, Qatar
      • Location : 280 St. Al Fourousiya Street, Opposite of Doha Zoo, Ar-Rayyan, Qatar

      • Tel : + 974 4477012

      • Email id :

    • Sidra Medicine:
      • Location : Al Gharrafa Street, Ar-Rayyan, Doha, Qatar

      • Tel : +974 4003 3333

      • Email id:

    • Naseem Medical Center - Al Rayyan  
    • Al Wehda Medical Group

    Hospitals Near Al Janoub Stadium - Located in Al Wakrah, ‎Qatar

    Al Janoub Stadium was inaugurated on 16 May 2019. It was designed by Zaha Hadid, an Iraqi architect among the eight stadiums hosting the FIFA World cup. It features a curvilinear neo-futurist and postmodernist design.

    • Al Wakra Hospital (Gov Hospital)
    • Hamad General Hospital(Gov Hospital)
      • Location: Al Wukair Street, Opposite Ezdan Mall, Al Wukair
      • Tel: +974 4011 4444
      • E-mail:
    • Al Wakra HC - Primary Health Care Corporation
    • Al- Ahli Hospital (Al Wakrah Branch)
    • Naseem Medical Center
    • Kims Medical Center in Al Wakrah

    COVID-19 - Testing facilities in Qatar

    There are COVID 19 testing facilities available in areas near the airports, hospitals near the stadium, and hotels.  Most of the hospitals mentioned above have covid -19 testing facilities. Check the above section. 

    Pharmacy options in Qatar to get your medicines instantly

    There are multiple pharmacies available nearby to each stadium. However, while arriving in Qatar, foreigners are restricted from carrying certain medicines such as psychotropic substances and narcotics. 

    Care n Cure is one of the most renowned pharmacies in Qatar. Medicines are also available online instantly at affordable prices with express delivery within two hours.

    Emergency Services in Qatar

    Service  Emergency Number
    Police Force 999
    Ambulance 999
    Fire Force 999
    International Calls 150
    Hamad Hospital +974 4392111
    Covid-19 Call Center 16000


    Have a Healthy FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar 

    Visitors attending the FIFA World Cup 2022 are advised to care about their health and safety against risks like insect bites, animal bites, viruses and infections. Getting your health checkup done at least a month before the visit to Qatar, getting immunization doses, and carrying necessary tablets, personal hygiene products, insect repellents, and first aid kits will assist in staying safe and enjoying the world cup.

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