Useful Tips for Healthy Ramadan Month Celebration in Qatar

    Healthy Ramadan is the only Ramadan you should look forward to. Ramadan is a holy month celebrated by Muslims all over the world. There is a great significance of fasting in the month of Ramadan. It is considered as one of the five pillars of Islam. 

    Fasting is a way to not only connect to God but also to cleanse your soul and your stomach. But we humans are known to destroy every good thing we are given and therefore, now Ramadan has been reduced to starving all day and filing up your stomach with varieties of meals most of which are unhealthy. 

    What most people forget that Ramadan is the best time to work on your health. Ramadan and health go together like bread and butter. With Ramadan, you are given the chance to focus more on your health and try to be physically healthier while also becoming religiously more aware. 

    If you are someone who wants to make the most of this Ramadan then, we have created the perfect healthy Ramadan guide

    Maintain your body’s hydration 

    Water is the most important thing for us. Without water, our body can’t survive. Since, in Ramadan we can’t consume even water for most part of the day, we have to make sure our body gets enough water in the non-fasting hours. 

    If you ask any nutrition expert, the most common healthy tips for Ramadan they give is to drink as much water as you can. Besides, also increase your fluid intake by consuming more fruits and juices. 

    Lack of water can prove very detrimental and lead to constipation for some people. When you wake up for suhoor, make sure you are drinking enough water to keep you going for the rest of the day. 

    You can drink smoothies and various other forms of drinks but that will add to your calories. If you are trying to maintain your calorie count then drinking water is recommended to keep yourself hydrated and control your calories. 

    Meet your nutritional requirement

    your body needs continuous supply of nutrition to keep it functioning. Food is the way to meet your body’s nutritional requirement. In Ramadan, you can't consume food for almost half the day, so your body uses the stored carbohydrates and fats to meet up for the energy requirement. 

    Most Nutrition tips for Ramadan include eating healthy foods. Instead of filling up your plate with oily and fried food, cook healthy meals that will provide you with nutrients and give you the immunity boost that is very much needed, especially during Ramadan. 

    Your Ramadan iftar must contain fruits, wholegrains, protein rich food and other nutrient rich food. Try to cut short on calories and fat intake. 



    What to avoid during Ramadan

    What to avoid during Ramadan? 

    We have discussed what to eat and drink during Ramadan, now let's take a look at what to avoid eating during Ramadan. 

    Make sure you're far away from sugary drinks. They add up to most of your calorie intake. 

    Avoid cooking oily and fried foods, they don't do you any good except making your stomach full and increasing the fat content of your body. You can find many healthy diet plans for Ramadan online and practice them. 

    Another important point is to avoid eating at one go. Do not hoard up all the food at one instance. Take a little break between eating. There should be at least  2-2.5 hours gap between iftar and dinner for your stomach to be able to digest everything. 

    Balance healthy food with healthy eating habits 

    If you want to enjoy the Ramadan’s health benefits you should balance your healthy eating with a healthy lifestyle. Go for walks after iftar for proper digestion. 

    These are some of the common Ramadan healthy tips which are very beneficial in keeping you healthy and active during Ramadan so you can enjoy this holy month at the fullest. 

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