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    Schools are reopening soon. It is an important and hopeful welcome step as life during the pandemic is difficult for parents and children alike. It is natural to have concerns about sending your child to school during the current circumstances. Your worries about their safety and health when they are at school is very valid. You might be wondering about the back to school supplies and other stuff you children might need at school during the COVID 19 pandemic.

    Making decisions as a parent is very stressful and confusing as you are not sure whether you are doing the right thing or not!

    So here is a list of the most essential items you need to buy for the school opening this year.



    1.Face Mask/Face Shield


    It is a brand new item in the school shopping list this year and the most essential as well. In the wake of COVID 19, it is the best idea to send at least 2 spare masks in the backpack to the school foreseeing the incidents of getting their mask dirty or torn. Make sure that your child understands the importance of wearing a mask. Many of them will not be thrilled to wear the mask. So to make it more exciting let them choose their facemasks or allow them to personalize it. Get them used to wear it before you send them to school as they have to wear it anyway.

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    2.Hand Sanitizer



    Washing hands for 20 long seconds is the best way to keep it virus free. But it is not always possible when they are in school. So sending a personal hand sanitizer is the best way to make sure that they keep their hands clean in the outside.

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    3.Disinfecting Wipes



    At the school, they will come across a lot of high touch areas during the day like desks, tabletops, doors, handles to staircase rails. That’s why it is clever to include a packet of disinfectant wipes to the backpack. Teach them to clean the surface before touching it.

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    4.Vinyl Gloves


     If your child can not keep up with the hand washing or frequent sanitiser usage, putting on gloves will be a great relief for you as a parent. Do not forget to send some spare as well in the bag. 

    Please make a note that washing the hands with soap or using alcohol-based sanitisers are the best-suggested protection against COVID19.

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    These are the essential new items that are needed to be added to your child's backpack during this pandemic.

    Please pay attention to other items as well, like.

    Personal school supplies: Children need to bring their own school supplies like pens, pencils, highlighters and other items to school. Sharing it or using common supplies is not a good idea now. Having their own supplies will help to control the spread of the virus in the school premises.

    Water Bottles: Using school water fountains are not a great idea during a pandemic.  So be prepared to send your child to school with a water bottle.


    You can take any other precautions to keep them in the safe zone like disposable lunch bags, putting personalized labels etc. after all its the matter of the safety. During COVID 19 pandemic No amount of precaution seems to be too much!

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    Medically reviewed by Jacquelyn Johnson, PsyD. — Written by Crystal Raypole on June 01, 2022