How to Choose the Right Lip Balm for Summer? Best Lip Balms in Qatar

    Summer is already here. It's time to start thinking about keeping your lips hydrated and healthy in dry and hot weather. It is also the time to take care of your lips, which are the foremost to be impacted by the harsh sun rays. As the skin of lips is thinner than others, it can turn dry faster due to dehydration.

    The magical product is a lip balm that protects and nourishes your lips throughout the summer. This article will explore why choosing a suitable lip balm for summer is essential and provide fantastic tips for selecting the best lip balm for your summer needs. 

    Why Are Lips Chapped Even in the Summer?

    If you thought your lips were at risk of chapping only in winter, then time to reconsider your apprehensions. Although summertime is easy, it doesn't mean your lips are safe from getting chapped. Despite the sunny weather, numerous factors can cause your lips to dry and crack even during summer. 

    Common reasons for chapped lips during summer include dehydration due to excessive sun exposure, air conditioning and more. As a result, your lips can quickly become parched and may alarm you towards appropriate care.

    Tips to Protect Your Lips from Summer Heat and Sun Damage

    Tips to Protect Your Lips from Summer Heat and Sun Damage - Infographics

    Are you looking for ways to prevent and treat chapped lips this season? Check out these few tips:

    • Drink plenty of water. Keep your lips hydrated and healthy
    • Opt for a lip balm with SPF to protect them from the sun's harmful rays
    • Avoid licking your lips continuously, as it can lead to drying them out
    • Do not peel or pick your lips to prevent further irritation and infection
    • Avoid using harsh products like alcohol-based mouthwashes or toothpaste
    • Make use of a humidifier to add moisture to the air and prevent lips from drying out
    • Apply lip balm frequently, especially after eating and drinking. Lip balm is an excellent summer skincare arsenal to flaunt hydrated lips and endless smiles.

    How To Choose The Right Lip Balm For Lip Dryness During Summer?

    With summer's entry, it is time to choose a perfect lip balm to protect and hydrate your pout! Yet with so many options, it can be tough to pick one. So check out how to find a suitable lip balm for summer with the tips below:

    How to choose right lip balm for dry lips during summer - Infographics
    • Opt for a formula with hydrating ingredients like coconut oil, shea butter or jojoba oil.
    • Pick a shade which complements your summer wardrobe, like a peachy pink or bright coral.
    • Choose a lip balm that has a refreshing scent like citrus or peppermint that gives your lips an extra burst of freshness.
    • Lastly, look for a lip balm that contains SPF 25, 26, 30 or 50 to protect it from the sun's harmful rays.

    Among the above, lip balm with SPF plays a vital role in shielding your lips from the harsh effects of summer heat. If you are experiencing redness, swelling, pain or blistering, chances are you may be suffering with sunburn. An SPF rich lip can bail you from trouble. The answer is in the coming section.

    The Importance of SPF in Your Lip Balm for Summer

    SPF or Sun Protection Factor is a vital ingredient in lip balms for summer. It protects your lips from the harmful impact of the sun's grave UV rays. These rays are highly damaging to the skin and are a primary cause of premature ageing and an increased risk of skin cancer.

    As the skin of our lips is much thinner and more delicate than the rest of our faces, it is more vulnerable to damage from the sun. Here lip balm with SPF makes a grand entry as your saviour for hydrated lips. Check out the reasons:

    • Acts as a barrier against UV rays shielding the lips from harmful exposure.
    • Prevents sunburn, cracking and dryness as well as the development of cold sores often triggered by sun exposure.

    In summary, it is specific about choosing a sunscreen with a high SPF rating, i.e. at least 30. Besides, look for a cream that provides broad-spectrum protection against UVA and UVB rays.

    For your convenience, we have listed the top 8 lip balms to ensure your lips are healthy and protected all through summer.

    Top Available Lip Balms in Qatar to Keep Your Lips Hydrated This Summer

    Here is a list of best lip balms for lip dryness during summer in Qatar. Checkout:

      QV Lip Balm SPF 30

      QV Lip Balm

      QV lip balm is your ideal companion to fight against summer heat. Its SPF 30 protection aids in maintaining the smoothness of your lips. Its active ingredients make it the best lip balm against wind and sun.

      Why should you buy this product?

      • Softens the lips even in dry and sensitive conditions.
      • Includes a unique shape glide-on applicator to keep it soft.
      • Free of any added fragrance, colour, propylene glycol, PABA or lanolin.

      Beesline Lip Care Ultra Screen SPF 30

      Beesline Lip Care Ultra Screen Spf 30

      Protect your lips from the stubborn sun's rays. Prevent chapped lips and dryness, ensuring you keep up your ever-smiling look.

      Why should you buy this product?

      • Protects against sunburnt lips.
      • Helps regenerate and soothe your lips.
      • Allows moisturizing dry and chapped skin.
      • Excellent protection against UV rays.

      Cetaphil Lip Balm SPF 50 

      Cetaphil SPF 50 Lip balm

      An impactful lip balm to carry along during harsh summer and winter days. It moisturizes the lips and smoothens their texture.

      Why should you buy this product?

      • Regenerates the skin.
      • Protects against UV rays.
      • Best suited for daily use.
      • Suitable for all skin types.

      Sebamed Lip Defence Stick With SPF30

      Sebamed Lip Defence Stick With SPF30

      Sebamed lip defence bam is rich with SPF30 formulated under the guidance of expert dermatologists. It is an excellent pick for everyone who wants to get rid of dry lips and regain soft, hydrated lips.

      Why should you buy this product?

      • Vitamin E and Jojoba oil help in healing and soothing chapped lips.
      • Guards against the lip tissue from damage.
      • Regenerates irritated lips.
      • Protects against dehydration and defends against sunburns.

      Labello Lip Balm

      Labello Lip Balm

      A pocket-friendly lip balm to carry anywhere along. It helps in keeping the lips moisturized throughout the day. The lip balm is designed using a unique formula, including natural oils and shea butter, to maintain a healthy and smooth in summer.

      Why should you buy this product?

      • Instantly melts into your lips with its smooth texture.
      • Keeps it moisturized throughout the day.
      • Dermatologically approved.
      • Protects against drying out the lips.

      Eveline Juicy Kisses Exotic Mango Lip Balm

      Eveline Juicy Kisses Exotic Mango Lip Balm

      Eveline lip balm in exotic mango flavour is the best product that nourishes and regenerates the beauty of the lips. Its softening and hydrating quality makes it an ideal pick for enjoying refreshing lips. Apart from mango it is also available in other variants like exotic passion lip balm, sweet coconut lip balm and chocolate passion lip balm.

      Why Should You Buy The Product?

      • Presence of Lanolin softens the lips.
      • Vitamin E and Beeswax adds a protective layer.
      • Immediately hydrates the lips.
      • Can be used as a separate lip balm or after applying a lip scrub.

      Bioderma Atoderm Restorative Lip Balm

      Bioderma Atoderm Restorative Lip Balm

      Enjoy refreshing lips throughout the day, irrespective of wind or heat. Bioderma atoderm restorative lip balm helps keep your lip moisturized by restoring dryness.

      Why should you buy this product?

      • The presence of shea butter nourishes the lips.
      • Hydrates dry your lips and soothe it.
      • Suitable for dry and sensitive lips.
      • Avocado oil helps restructure the lips.

      Uriage Bariederm Cica Lips Protecting Balm

      Uriage Bariederm Cica Lips Protecting Balm

      Uriage Bariederm cica lip balm is formulated with Poly-2p that offers triple action. It prides itself on its high tolerance against the sun's heat and harmful rays.

      Why should you buy this product?

      • Insulates the lip's skin by preventing future aggressions.
      • Regenerates the skin and repairs chapped and damaged lips.
      • Soothes dry, chapped lips.
      • Suited for professional and personal use.

      Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Lip Care Moisturizer SPF20

      Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Lip Care Moisturizer SPF20

      Who doesn't love smooth, soft lips that can instantly enrich your smile? Neutrogena Norwegian formula lip care moisturizer is rich with SPF 20 that is dermatologically tested to safeguard your chapped and dry lips.

      Why should you buy this product?

      • It is PABA free
      • It doesn't include any added fragrance
      • Smooth to apply and balances hydration of lips

        Looking for a Lip Balm for Kids?

        Sebamed Baby Lip Balm 

        Protect your little one’s lips with Sebamed baby lip balm prepared meticulously to maintain the natural hydrolipid barrier against any environmental pollutants.

        Why Buy This Product?

        • Includes shea butter and jojoba oil.
        • Balanced pH level protecting the skin from any break-down or deterioration.
        • Free from any preservatives, parabens and colourants.
        • The presence of vitamin E offers a protective layer to the skin.

        Check out the website of Care n Cure, a renowned online site for purchasing the best healthcare products within a few clicks. Visit the website to check out the lip care products, their descriptions, and direction, and connect with professional pharmacists through chat to clear your queries.

        5 DIY Lip Balm Recipes to Prevent Dry Lips in Summer

        These 5 DIY techniques can always help keep your pout smooth, soft and hydrated. Here are five easy lip balm recipes:

        • Honey and lemon lip balm: Enjoy a sweet and tangy lip balm by mixing equal parts of honey and coconut oil with a splash of fresh lemon juice. Pour the ingredients into a jar to set it and apply later.
        • Coconut oil and beeswax lip balm: Create a moisturizing lip balm to prevent dry and cracked lips. Mix coconut oil and beeswax. Add a few drops of essential oil. Pour them into a small container until it cools and solidifies.
        • Peppermint and Cocoa butter lip balm: Mix cocoa butter with beeswax, adding a few drops of peppermint essential oil. Pour them into a small tube to set.
        • Avocado and Jojoba oil lip balm: Enjoy a moisturized lip that protects from environmental stressors. Create this balm using beeswax, avocado, and jojoba oil and later pour it into a small pot to cool.
        • Shea butter and vitamin E lip balm: Melt together shea butter with beeswax and a few drops of vitamin E oil. Pour them all into a small tin to set.


        Protect your pout this summer by carrying along the right lip balm. Don't let your dry and chapped lips ruin your summer fun! Whether you are looking for SPF protection or intense hydration, the right lip balm can make all the difference. So, before you head out to enjoy the sun and fun, ensure your lips are not neglected. Carry a trusty lip balm by your side; check out the Care n Cure website.

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