How To Massage a Baby? Best Tips and Recommended Massage Oils

    Baby massages are a great way of enjoying close time with your bundle of joy; from stroking the pinky cheeks to enjoying an excellent bonding time with the little one, the entire process is enriching. Touch is the first way of communication between a baby and the parent. Amidst cuddles and stroking, massage creates a natural impulse between child and parents.

    However, many parents need guidance about the proper techniques for massaging and the most suitable oil. This article is an excellent destination for all parents and to-be parents to educate themselves about baby massage, methods, and the best available baby massage oils in Qatar.

    What are the benefits of baby massage?

    benefits of baby massage

    Babies have incredibly soft skin. Massages relax their limbs from constant movement and circulation. In addition, massaging releases oxytocin which is associated with affection and bonding. Hence, it is proven to be an excellent way of developing a bond between the baby and the mother.

    But it is not limited here. There are numerous other benefits related to massaging a baby, which includes:

    • Helps improve baby’s sleep, alleviates colic and constipation
    • Daily massages stimulate bodily systems ranging from hormonal, digestive, immunological, and circulatory
    • Relaxes muscles and joints
    • Elevates baby’s awareness about their own body enhancing balance and coordination
    • Relieves the baby when dealing with growing pains, muscular strain and teething
    • Massaging helps accelerate a baby’s preterm growth. However, when your baby is facing health difficulties or is ill, it is suggested to check with the doctor.

    Step-by-step Guidance to Massage Your Baby

    Step by step Guidance to Massage Your Baby
    1. Feet: Place one hand on your baby’s feet and gently start massaging from the top of the thigh, stroking down to the ankle. Make sure not to squeeze the leg tightly. Next, rub the feet with your thumbs and stroke the toes. Apply the same technique to arms and hands.
    2. Arms and Hands: Rub and Stroke the Arms and Hands Slightly.
    3. Head: Hold your baby’s head with both hands and move down the body from head to toe. Draw gentle circles on your baby’s head without applying too much pressure.
    4. Face: Fold your hands on your newborn’s forehead and, with gentle hands, push it outward without applying pressure. Stroke the cheek with your thumb and circle it to the top lip, forming a slight grin. Repeat the process on the lower lip.
    5. Chest: Place your hands on the baby’s chest. Press it outward to the sides, enacting the action of smoothing an open book.
    6. Tummy: Circle an ellipse underneath your newborn’s belly button with your fingers clockwise to accelerate digestion. After this, move your fingers diagonally over your baby’s belly, drawing an “X” mark.
    7. Back: Stroke your baby’s back vertically and horizontally with gentleness.

    Few Tips to Consider While Massaging Your Baby 

    • Massage your baby twice daily.
    • Massage should last only about 15 minutes.
    • A small amount of a mild baby massage oil can be used.
    • Your baby needs a soft surface to lie on.
    • Do not rub your baby harshly; make sure they both are comfortable with the process
    • Avoid using nut oils that can clog pores and impact your baby’s digestion
    • Choose a comfortable place like a changing table, rug or bed for massaging your baby
    • Spread a towel or a bedspread to avoid staining it with oil.
    • Understand your baby’s emotions. They may not always want a massage. If the baby cries and frowns when you touch them, it is best to postpone the session.
    • Be gentle with your little one. Do not apply pressure.
    • Use strokes for massaging places near the heart, wrist, etc.
    • Make the session interactive by talking and singing with your baby to develop bonding.

    At what age can you start a baby massage?

    Although there are no specific guidelines on the exact age to start baby massaging, it is generally considered safe to begin massaging your baby when they are 2 to 4 weeks old, as long as the massage is gentle and done with a light touch. It highly depends on the baby’s reflexes. Often few babies may find massaging very overwhelming in the early weeks after birth. 

    It is best to consult your baby’s pediatrician or a certified infant massage therapist before starting with massages. Moreover, you must avoid massaging a newborn whose back and arms are still stiff. Additionally, wait for at least 45 minutes after feeding to prevent any chance of the baby throwing up.

    What are the best baby massage oils available in Qatar?

    There are plenty of baby massage oils are available online at Care n Cure Pharmacy Qatar. 

    Check out the best baby massage oils available in Qatar:

    Sebamed Baby Massage Oil

    Sebamed Baby Massage Oil

    Entirely smooth on your baby’s skin, Sebamed baby massage oil is 100% non-sticky. As a result, it offers superior spreadability and faster absorption. Additionally, it has high nutritional value containing 95% soya and essential fatty acids promising superior hydration.


    • Gentle and safe for a baby’s sensitive skin
    • Rich with vitamin F, a soya compound that ensures high skin tolerability
    • Best suited for kids between 7 days to 2 years
    • Contains 0% irritant and allergic reaction

    Direction to use:

    Apply 2 to 3 ml of Sebamed massage oil on your palm using a pump applicator. Gently massage it on your baby’s body evenly.


    Mustela Baby Massage Oil

    Mustela Baby Massage Oil

    Enriched with 99% nourishing natural ingredients, Mustela baby oil is soothing on the skin and moisturizes each layer. It is a unique combination of sunflower seed oil, pomegranate seed oil and avocado seed oil, using a time-tested formulation that is completely protective and safe for baby’s skin.


    • Keeps the skin hydrated by locking moisture
    • Dermatologically tested and is certified for ingredient safety policy
    • Non-greasy and easily absorbed into the skin
    • Builds a protective layer on the baby’s skin
    • Contains a mild fragrance that is enriching for the baby’s newly developed senses
    • Hypoallergenic formula is suitable for a baby’s sensitive skin
    • Contains 0% chemicals or toxins like phthalates, phenoxyethanol and parabens

    Direction to use:

    Spray the required quantity of Mustela baby oil on your palms and gently rub them on the baby’s skin. Then, massage it, especially on the hands and legs, to strengthen it.

    Qv Baby Bath Oil

    Qv Baby Bath Oil

    Recommended by pediatricians, Qv baby bath oil is a good source of vitamin E which helps rejuvenate large areas of sensitive and dry skin. It is suitable for daily use and helps eliminate dermatitis, psoriasis and eczema.


    • Is non-greasy in nature
    • Suited for daily use
    • Free of fragrance, colour, propylene glycol and lanolin
    • Suitable for sensitive skin types
    • Works on baby rashes, dry scalp and cradle cap.

    Direction to use:

    Mix one cupful of bath oil into the baby’s bath. Keep it for 5 to 10 minutes and bathe your baby with the water. Pat the skin dry after a bath.


    Cetaphil Baby Massage Oil

    Cetaphil baby is one of the best available baby massage oils in Qatar, which is rich in vitamin E and contains active ingredients that help maintain skin hydration. It is suitable for a whole-body massage to strengthen bones and muscles.


    • Best suitable for a baby’s delicate skin
    • Keeps it gently moisturized and protects it from dryness
    • Hypoallergenic in nature
    • It contains non-irritating and non-sensitizing formula

    Direction to use:

    Rub a small amount of oil in your palms and gently apply it to the entire length of the baby’s body.


    Johnson & Johnson Head-to-Toe Baby Massage 

    The unique formula of Johnson and Johnson’s massage oil is designed to maintain the perfect pH level in the newborn’s sensitive skin. As a result, it helps keep the skin soft and smooth for extended periods.


    • It is rich with active ingredients like shea butter
    • It gets quickly absorbed into the skin
    • It naturally blends with a newborn’s sensitive skin without irritating it.

    Tips to choose the best baby massage oils

    When choosing the best baby massage oil, it is essential to consider the following factors:

    • Quality: Look for high-quality and cold-pressed oil which retains nutritional benefits and is free of impurities
    • Safety: Choose a hypoallergenic and pure oil that is free of fragrances and any other chemicals that can be harmful to a baby’s delicate skin
    • Nutritional value: Opt for oils that contain antioxidants and healthy fats best suited for a baby’s skin
    • Type of oil: Oils like Safflower oil, Almond oil, cold-pressed oil, mineral oil, grapeseed oil, coconut oil, etc., are best suited for massaging a baby as they are free of impurities. At the same time, avoid oils like peanut, sunflower, olive, and vegetable oils high with chemicals and polyunsaturated fats.
    • Allergenicity: It is essential to check a baby’s skin for sensitivity to certain oils. COnduct a patch test by applying a small amount of oil to the baby’s skin before using it for a full-body massage.
    • Texture: Make sure the oil is non-greasy and light that can get easily absorbed into the skin.

    Remember to consult with a pediatrician or a certified infant massage therapist before beginning the baby massage routine to ensure the oil and massage technique used are appropriate for the baby.


    Massaging is an excellent way of building a bond with your baby. Besides, it stimulates health, helping your kid get good sleep, supporting growth and strengthening muscles. Knowing the right method and using the best baby oil dermatologically certified will help your baby’s growth and development. Consult your pediatrician if unsure about the massaging technique and ways to use oil.

    Care n Cure is one of the renowned online pharmacies in Qatar. They offer a range of healthcare, baby products and medicines online and offline, along with 24/7 assistance from trained pharmacists for guidance. Visit the website and check out the range of the best available baby massage oils in Qatar.

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