How online pharmacies in Qatar make life easier

    All business organizations have undergone huge changes over the years resulting in migrating to E-platform. E-commerce is going to be a sales engine for the future. Online pharmacy in the health sector is the latest trend and its benefits are immense.


    The introduction of e-pharmacies has made it much easier to buy medicines. Now prescriptions are only one swipe away or just one touch away.


    Importance of Online Pharmacy


    An online pharmacy can provide you with a simple and private way, often at a more affordable price, to purchase prescription and over-the-counter drugs. If you live in a remote area, do not travel, or if you are disabled, elderly, or homebound, online pharmacies are extremely handy. Online pharmacies also help you to check prices for medications and to shop for bargains.

    Many reputed online pharmacies encourage you to consult with a licensed pharmacist from the comfort of your home if you have concerns about your medicines. Internet pharmacy will also provide you with printable online product information, as well as access to other sources of information about your drugs and health status.

    The internet has contributed to a rise in prescription and over-the-counter (OTC) medicinal goods e-commerce; one in four adults has bought drugs online. This growth of pharmaceutical e-commerce has tremendously strengthened the bottom lines of many businesses as well as monitory savings for the people. 

    We can say e-pharmacies give convenience and ease right away. As a customer, you just have to put your prescription order, and the rest of it is taken care of by the e-pharmacy, like doorstep delivery of your medication.

    1. Availabilitity of medicines under one roof

    Many times, when not available, we have to order our medications from pharmacy stores in advance. You will have all the drugs under a single roof with online pharmacy .  It is cheaper to purchase drugs from the convenience of your home or workplace for the whole family. These medications can all be purchased electronically in a pharmacy without physically collecting the drugs from your shop. 

    2. The facility of home delivery

    Online pharmacies have a home delivery facility with all drugs .   Since all of these drugs are only dispatched after the original prescription has been checked in their authenticity, this is a smoother means of acquiring medicines. Medication is sent home so that it can discreetly and confidentially reach your
    address. Home delivery also ensures that during business hours you don't have to waste time, resources, effort, money and fuel to visit the pharmacy.

    3. Easy accessibility:

    As customer experience is vital, most online pharmacies sell drugs online through a few simple steps that can be followed by any customer with internet access. Empowerment is also the other side of accessibility. There are a number of patients or clients who depend on others for short-term or long-term healthcare. Online pharmacies allow all such patients in their care to be more self-reliant.

    4. Easy availability of pharmacists and doctors:

    Most reputed online pharmacies have pharmacists and doctors available online during work hours and some during off-work hours to assist you in diagnosing your medical condition. You can get in touch with them via email or phone for prescriptions and diagnosis.


    5. All medical records in one place

    E-Pharmacists keep a record of their sales of medicine and treatment. This is your medical history and it may help you and your doctor in future to track your medicine records. It would be easier for your physician to take preventive measures if such a situation arise in future.

    6. Automatic refills:

    By clicking the mouse or on a button on your laptop you will re-fill medications automatically. Refills would then immediately be submitted to the online pharmacy in compliance with the prescription already uploaded or mailed. Upon request, the prescribed drug is available as needed. With online stores, any time you need refills of your prescriptions, you do not need to continue showing your prescription.

    7. Awareness

    For an e-pharmacy, an informed customer is of great importance because it would mean that consumers make a wise decision, are conscious of drug reactions, know their medical records, and are willing to minimize risks. Not only does such awareness inspire the clients, but it also helps create trust between the online pharmacy and the consumer. Since pharmacies encourage consumers to select between a variety of branded to generic drugs, customers must make the correct decision for themselves with guidance.


    Customer privacy is fiercely secured by online portals, meaning that invasive contact is not inappropriately disrupted by the customer, which would harm the relationship between the online portal and the customer. That is, however, just one aspect of the protection offered by online medical applications, the other being patient anonymity. Many diseases may lead patients to face a lot of discrimination, online medicines tend to neutralize this bias, particularly from the patient's immediate community, something that can not be avoided by the local chemist.

    You can remain anonymous if you feel embraced while ordering certain healthcare products like sexual care ones 

    Care n Cure Pharmacy is the top Alexa ranked online pharmacy in Qatar , offering a wide range of pharmaceuticals in the region, vitamins & supplements,cosmetics & personal care, home health care, first aid, baby care etc. In Qatar, they have more than 34 networks,are equipped with an active, easy-to-use Web site and smartphone app too. The pharmacy is well organised, making it easier to select and buy from different brands online. All products are delivered within 1 to 5 hours across Qatar. They also have a 24/7 chat support to clear any medication enquiries.

    Under the new Qatar National Health Strategy (NHS 2011-2016), primary care is a cornerstone for the country's healthcare.  This will go a long way in promoting the concept of health for all. In the backdrop of the government's new policy coupled with the advancement of online pharmacy, the end beneficiary is the consumer.

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    Medically reviewed by Tina Joy, Pharmacist, Care n Cure Pharmacy