What is a body binder? | Benefits of body binders | Types and uses of different body binder support systems.

    Know What body binders do to your body before buying it!

    Body binders are support bands used to support our body in various conditions. Each body support system has its own benefits, from strengthening the weak muscles and reducing the pain to a speedy recovery from a complicated surgery.

    Here we are giving you a clear overview of the most common body binders and their uses.

    Abdominal binders

    Abdominal Binders-Care-n-Cure-Pharmacy

    These are by far the most popular body support system in use. It is basically a wrap that is worn around your abdomen area.

    Abdominal belts, braces and binders are snugs and useful support aids that help deal with pain in the abdomen region. The compression helps in tightening your abdominal region and strengthening any weak muscles.

    They are usually used for supporting and treating a wide range of conditions, like

    Post-pregnancy recovery

    Abdominal pain

    Post abdominal surgery recovery

    Recovery from stress fractures

    Back pain

    Benefits of using the best abdominal binders for post-op recovery

    Abdominal binders are great for post abdominal surgery recovery. The best abdominal binder will prevent sagging of the abdominal muscles and strengthen the abdominal muscles and weakened abdominal walls. It will help to reduce the pain while coughing and laughing. It also aids in toning the abdominal muscles and serves in quicker and effective post-pregnancy recovery.

    When the perfect abdominal binder is used, it will provide optimal support for the muscles in the said region. It will avoid squeezing and cramping up of the muscles.

    A little more on safety

    While it is safe to use any kind of regular abdominal belt by anybody, there may be some cases where you might need to be extra careful.

    Please note that:

    *Wearing a very tight belt may restrict the natural growth of your abdominal muscles

    *Excessive pressure on the tummy may result in conditions such as hernia

    *Substandard products may dig into your skin, causing rashes or infections

    *Unclean belts and braces may result in irritation and allergies

    *Hot and humid climates can make the experience uncomfortable and inconvenient

    Ankle Support


    Ankle Support System -Care-n-Cure-Pharmacy


    The ankle is prone to natural wear and tear as it is the most overused part of the human body. A whole range of injuries and mishaps that can cause ankle pain.  Any injury to the ankle can cause immense pain and make it hard to walk around. 

    In such conditions, ankle support products are helpful to strengthen the ankle and to ease the pain. An ideal ankle support aid will have quality, stability and comfort. 

    Benefits of using ankle support aid

    * It will reduce swelling

    * Avoid further damage and strain

    *Help to regain range of motion

    *Assist you to return to activity

    *Prevent re-injury by protecting the sprained ankle


    What are the various options in ankle support aids?

    There is an entire assortment of ankle support products from sleeves and straps to braces and hybrids, to help you with your ankle rehabilitation.


    Sleeves are extremely comfortable and very useful in the case of a mild sprain. They are not very effective when it comes to moderate to severe ankle injuries.


    Straps are very popular among the athletes. This is wrapped around the ankle to reduce the pain or to support it during physical activities.


    Lace-ups are made up of rigid material. These are used for major ankle injuries to give stability and comfort. 

    There are various other body binders available in the market to help you with many other conditions.eg. Knee support, neck support belts, maternity belts, Back support etc. You need to consult with your doctor before using any of these binders and be very clear about the right usage of them. When used wisely they can reduce the discomfort and help you with fast healing.

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