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Super Ortho 2 Panels Abdominal Binder B5- 001 (L-32"~ 38")

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POST DELIVERY BELT FOR WOMEN:̴Ì_ after delivery, caesarean̴Ì_or normal delivery, useful to reduce the extra fat around the waist, postpartum.̴Ì_

This product designed to restrict and provide the compression for after childbirth or postoperative abdomen or to shape the flat belly. It adopts high elastic strap with Velcro could be adjusted to fit comfortably around the waist, also two panels jointed by sewing structure can be more breathable and without bulge while setting.

Furthermore, the internal soft material binder is friendly to the skin. Prolong use can retain the body heat, improve blood circulation, speed up recovery, and keeps a good posture.

The idea for postoperative or after childbirth abdomen restriction
Keeps good posture and bracing
Improve the circulation of blood and retain warming
Breathable and soft touching materials

Nylon 40%
Polyester 35%
Foam 10%
Rubber 10%
Cotton 5%


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