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Super Ortho Charcoal Compression Ankle A9-005 (XXL- 27~ 29.5 cm)

QAR 30.00

Size- XXL
Circumference of Ankle- 27~ 29.5 cm

Charcoal compression support provides maximum protection, therapy for the ankle. Adopts high quality Nano charcoal yarns, spandex, and nylon, latex free composition can avoid allergy for the skin. Charcoal bamboo yarn can keep body warm, fast drying, anti-bacteria, odor free, and resistant UV.

It is 100% computerized knitting circular supports, seamless and keep user comfortable and stylish when wearing. Anatomic knitting construction can contour the body shape, also super thin construction can enhance comfortable during motion, also 4-way stretch can provide a best fit.

The Charcoal Compression Support also can give right pressure to the joint and helps to accelerate blood circulation and speed up recovery.

  • Prevent the ankle sprain or strain whild doing exercise or support the injuried ankle to relieve the pain.
  • Thin construction on the heel and bended part of ankle to reduce some unnecessary compression.
  • Seamless can fit the joint comfort.

    40% Nano Bamboo Charcoal yarn
    40% Nylon
    30% Spandex

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