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Super Ortho Weaving 8 inch Wrist Splint Right (XL-19~ 21 cm)

QAR 35.00

Size- XL
Circumference of Wrist- 19~ 21 cm

This product can help to immobilize the injured wrist, and reduce pain. It is made from the quality fabrics which contain cotton and rayon materials can absorb the sweat effectively, allow to free ventilation, and soft touching makes a pleasure to wear, and fit the wrist comfortably. The aluminum stays and the Velcro could be adjusted for fit easily. This brace is suitable for the postoperative wrist, the carpal tunnel syndrome, wrist sprain, and wrist joint arthritis.

  • Immobilization of the post-traumatic wrist
  • Breathable, soft, and moisture absorbing material
  • Improve the circulation of blood
  • Aluminum stays stabilizes the position

    Cotton 45%
    Rubber 20%
    Rayon 15%
    Aluminum 10%
    PVC 5%
    Nylon 5%

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