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Super Ortho 8" Industry Back Support A5-002 (Xxl)

Original price QAR 120.00
Current price QAR 60.00
  • Prevent the injury and muscle strain at work
  • Correct the posture effectively
  • 4 PE stays enhance support to the lower back
  • The breathable material is very comfortable to put on

    This product is designed to help support the waist and lower back when lifting, driving or standing, and prevent the back injury or strain during work. It is made of high elastic straps with mesh can provide compression and ventilation for the back. The durable hook and loop closure can be secure perfect fit, posterior 4 PE stays with anti-slip straps can enhance support, correct the posture and avoid the slippage, and the suspender can help to easy to put on and off.

    40% Polyester
    25% Nylon
    15% Rubber
    10% Plastic
    5% Cotton
    5% Foam

    Size Circumference of Waist
    S 22"~ 28"
    M 27"~ 33"
    L 32"~ 38"
    XL 37"~ 43"
    XXL 42"~ 48"

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