How to Take Care of Skin During Qatar Summer?

    Summers are bright, shiny, and lively in Qatar but brutal on the skin. The temperature is soaring, and the combination of humidity and heat hyperactivates our oil glands. As a result, we may experience excessive sebum around the T-zone. Skincare in Qatar summer helps eliminate issues that increase discomfort. For instance, not hydrating properly or clogging your pores with too much makeup.  

    Read how you can take care of dry skin in summers.

    8 Tips for Skin Care in Qatar Summers

    Warmer seasons are a sign that you need to modify your skincare routine. Qatar summers can be harsh and challenging for the skin and body, so that you may experience dryness, itchiness, and flaking. Therefore, utilize the following tips for summer health care in Qatar and skincare in Qatar summers.  

    1. Exfoliate

    Our skin cells are regularly shed throughout the day. If we fail to remove these dead skin cells, our skin starts looking dry and dull. Hence, exfoliate with a nice body scrub when you are taking a shower. Take a small amount of product on your fingers and exfoliate using circular motions.

    2. Use Sunscreen

    Constant exposure to the sun can dry out the skin. So, purchase sunscreen and use it on your face and arms or exposed body parts when going out in peak hours. This will protect your skin cells from sunburn.

    However, remember to clean your face at night to avoid the sunscreen from clogging your pores.

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    3. Drink Water

    Our body needs 8 glasses of water every day. Either carry a water bottle with you and drink some water every half an hour or ensure that you are getting fresh water frequently. It eliminates the possibility of dehydration and removes toxins from the body.

    4. Back to Basics

    Ensure basic skincare in Qatar summers, such as toning, cleaning, or moisturizing.

    As we move in and out of air-cooled rooms, our skin gets affected. In fact, our whole body is impacted by moving in and out of AC rooms. Ensuring proper basic routing can help you. Before going to sleep, wash your face with facewash and apply face moisturizer.

    5. Eat Well

    Sometimes, dry skin in summers is a result of poor eating habits. In summers, add seasonal vegetables and fruits to your diet, eliminate sugar-based drinks, and drink a lot of water. Try coconut water or juices to keep your skin hydrated.

    6. Eliminate Makeup

    Heavy makeup on the face clogs pores on the face. In humid, heat, and dry seasons especially, avoid heavy makeup and wear moisturizing skin cream and lip balm.  


    skin care products in qatar

    7. Change Products

    Ideally, we can’t use thick winter creams for summers, as these form a thick layer on the skin, which can cause sweating. If you are experiencing dry skin in summers, try using summer creams or light moisturizers. Check best skincare products in Qatar.

    8. Don’t Forget Lips, Eyes, and Feet

    Skincare during Qatar summers also includes your lips, eyes, and feet. Use sunscreen on your feet, and don’t forget to put on lip balm before going to bed.

    For your eyes, wash them with water at least twice a day and use eye gel for better care.


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    The bottom line is skincare during Qatar summers can help you eliminate sunburn, dryness, and other issues. It may be best to carry a cooling mist during this time. You can easily prepare your mist with rose water and cucumber juice or simply take aloe vera gel with you. When the scorching sun starts irritating your skin, this mist can offer relief.

    Pamper yourself with these incredible tips for healthcare in Qatar summers. Find out some of the best skincare products here and enjoy the dramatic results. 

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    Medically reviewed by Tina Joy, Pharmacist, Care n Cure Pharmacy