15 Best Makeup(Cosmetics) Brands in Qatar 2021

    Making The Right Makeup Choices

    Importance of choosing the right makeup not only decides how good you look but also how it would affect your body overtime. Nowadays, there are too many makeup products available within our reach but, several among those are harmful for our skin and body. Chemically engineered cosmetic products can cause great harm to the skin if regularly used. So it is important to purchase makeup products from brands that have proven to be effective and have gained the trust of the people through their service over the course of time. To look your best, you must be healthy and using makeup products that are genuine and free from harmful chemicals is a must to ensure a healthy skin and body. 

    In Qatar, a wide variety of makeup brands are available for you. Makeup products are an important part in our daily lives and choosing what is best for us is more important. This list brings you the very best brands that will fulfil all your beauty needs while also keeping your skin and body healthy.


    15 Best Makeup(Cosmetics) Brands in Qatar

    Huda Beauty

    Huda Beauty Qatar

    This beauty brand has an entire arsenal of beauty products, starting with lipstick collections to face palettes like highlighter and contour and false lashes. It has predominantly been ranked as one of the best-selling and highly reviewed lash products. Huda Beauty has over 140 products in e-commerce platforms and stores.



    benefit cosmetics Qatar

    This is a beauty brand widely known for its very unique and practical brow products. Benefit gained recognition with their rose-tinted lip stain. This brand produces a variety of mascaras, primers, bronzers and other brow related products. It is one of the most popular brands providing a huge variety of makeup products in their collection.

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    Belo Cosmetics Qatar

    Belo is a cosmetic brand renowned in Qatar. They produce paraben-free, hypoallergenic, and dermatologically tested products ranging from beauty supplements, makeup products, sun care, acne solutions, underarm care, whitening creams, and baby care products.



    Gosh Cosmetics Qatar

    This brand is widely recognised for using natural ingredients in their make-up products. They are also vegan friendly and do not support animal-testing. Their aim is to produce makeup products that feel good, look good and are harmless to your skin and body.



    NYX Cosmetics in Qatar

    This brand is popularly known for its colourful eye pencils and palettes. They have a wide variety of high-quality makeup kits to choose from. NYX is a celebrity favourite makeup brand and widely used by actors.

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    Wet N Wild 

    Wet n Wild makeup Qatar

    This is a widely available and inexpensive beauty brand that manufactures makeup products for all kinds of consumers. Their makeup products have been highlighted by prominent media sources such as Cosmopolitan and Vanity Fair. The brand has been the recipient of several awards including Allure’s Best of Beauty Award and Cosmopolitan’s Beauty Award.



    Soskin cosmetics in Qatar

    This is a dermo-cosmetic makeup brand with the tagline 'save our skin.' Their cosmetic products tend to be skincare products rather than makeup kits. They call their skincare products neither cosmetics nor medications but agents of bio-stimulation, as they stimulate skin cells using natural ingredients.



    Ardell cosmetics in Qatar

    This brand provides a huge collection of premium value faux eyelashes, brow cosmetics as well as eyelash accessories. Ardell aims to complete your look of alluring eyes. Ardell lashes are unique and very easy to use.

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    Anastasia cosmetics in Qatar

    The brand when introduced, gained immense popularity among influencers due to its mix of front-line colors and classic glamour. Now it is one of the best-selling makeup brands at Ulta and Sephora.



    Yoko Cosmetics in Qatar

    Yoko is yet another makeup brand that is widely known all over the world for manufacturing their products organic ingredients and natural components. It has natural products from skin creams, gels, cleansing products and so on.



    Tarte cosmetics in Qatar

    One of the most successful makeup brands of all time. Tarte is currently a million-dollar company that has gained a massive community of consumers worldwide. This is a popular makeup brand known for implementing ‘high-performance naturals’ within their products. From skincare products to prep your skin for makeup, they manufacture everything you need to flaunt an amazing look.


    Eric Favre 

    Eric Favre skin care in Qatar

    Everything you need from a makeup brand from detox cream to whitening serum and, hair oil to hair colour and, anti-aging cream to face lifting cream, Eric Favre has all of it at your service. They are widely known to be genuine and their products are a treat for all who love makeup.

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    theBalm Cosmetics Qatar

    theBalm cosmetics provide a clean and natural makeup experience through their products. They have premium quality pigmented cosmetics that are easy-to-apply and vibrant in colour. Besides their quality theBalm is also known to provide an authentic makeup kit experience through their vintage styled kits and packaging.  



    Eveline makeup brand in Qatar

    This is one of the most prominent names in the makeup industry with an ancestry of 35 years. They provide a massive variety of makeup products. Counting over more than 300 different types of makeup items for your face and body, Eveline has everything and anything that you need for your look.


    Urban Decay

    Urban Decay in Qatar

    Urban Decay launched in 1996 in order to promote women looks and encourage their different views on look and style. They proudly promote unique style approaches and provide a wide selection of makeup products. This is a brand that aims to assist you to style and show you self to the world the way you are and the way you want to be perceived.


    There you go, these are the best 15 makeup brands in Qatar that will help you look your best to ensure a confident and successful lifestyle.


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