10 Healthful Benefits of Having Dates with Milk


    Our health is of utmost importance at the end of the day. There is a reason why doctors keep emphasizing the essence of switching to healthy eating because its impact on the well-being of your overall health is unmatched.

    One of the many ways of ensuring you are taking sufficient care of your health is by focusing on your diet. This is where we introduce to you the various benefits of dates with milk. Let us take you through the list to fully grasp some known but mostly unknown advantages of having dates with milk.


    Benefits of Dates with Milk

    Following are a few of the benefits of mixing dates with milk and having it, and most importantly - making it a habit to follow it in your diet :


    1. Developing muscle strength

    Protein is recommended by experts, and we all know the benefits it reaps for our body and overall health. Both dates and milk contain high content of protein, therefore having a concoction of both ensures higher bone density and all-concluding muscle health.

    Here is one of our rich protein formulas that you can try other than the milk and date drink - Scitec Nutrition 100% Whey Isolate Chocolate Hazelnut Flavor


    2. Improved sexual health

    Making sure that your sexual health is as well balanced as your mental or physical health is of prime importance. Simply ensuring that you soak a couple of dates in milk overnight and then drink that milk in the morning can be beneficial for your stamina and maintenance.

    dates with milk


    3. Restoration of energy levels

    Enriched with components such as glucose and fructose - dates are a great food element to have in the morning. Especially for people who tend to skip a wholesome breakfast, dates with milk can be quite filling and keep your stomach full for a longer period.

    Especially during festivals such as Ramadan, where you have to eat really early in the morning, you could have incorporate food items like dates and other healthy bites to get the necessary nutrition - Read our blog on Useful Tips For Healthy Ramadan Month Celebration In Qatar to know more.


    4. Cure for Anaemia

    One of the many components that dates already have is iron. And as we know, iron helps accelerate the supply of blood to the body, which is extremely essential for anyone dealing with anaemia. Simply mixing 3 date palms with a warm glass of milk would be beneficial.


    5. Addressing skin concerns

    As we age, skin concerns become a constant terror for a lot of us. But some home remedies might help you to deal with acne issues or face skin irritation - one of them is having four-date palms mixed with a warm glass of milk. It increases the blood circulation on your face, thus making your skin glow naturally.

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    milk with dates benefits


    6. Easy way of digestion

    This benefit is more helpful for elderly people who might be suffering from digestion issues. The fiber present in dates facilitates flexible digestion and good bowel movement, which makes digestion a lot more comfortable.


    7. Stronger memory power

    Dates with milk are one of those drinks that could help immensely in improving your memory power. The reason being it contains Vitamin B6, which helps in improving your overall brain health. Most recommended being had on an empty stomach.

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    8. Relieves from Joint pain

    We all know that milk has a good amount of calcium, with dates added to it - the benefits doubles. Having this drink could help in relieving joint pain by building up bone density.

    Other than this natural eating tip, our Health Aid Zinc Sulphate Tablets have proved to be one of the most effective supplements that help increase bone density.

    dates in milk


    9. Facilitates weight gain

    For young children, gaining the right weight as per age might be a task. Hence having dates with milk is an easy and natural solution. You are sure to gain the necessary amount of weight by consuming this drink as per instruction.


    10. Recovery from allergies

    The recipe of milk with dates is said to have antimicrobial properties. It is the perfect combination to tackle seasonal allergies that are often a nuisance and cause discomfort.


    Best Time to Eat Dates

    Best Time to Eat Dates

    Like every other diet, which has the proper timing for every meal, there is the best time to eat dates with milk. Having this mix in the morning has a horde of benefits, such as cleansing important organs, ending intentional worms, and, most importantly, giving your body more energy to carry on with the rest of the day. So the morning is the best time. However, some also achieve benefits of dates with milk at night which can also be done as long as it leaves you healthily satisfied.


    Popular Date Varieties in Qatar

    Popular Date Varieties in Qatar

    Dates in Qatar are quite a rage and are consumed in large amounts for their health benefits. Some of the renowned popular date varieties in Qatar include Khudri which are moderately sweet, Zahidi, Ramdaan special - Safawi, a little on the chewy side is - Sufri, snackable dates like Khalas, Shishi a mix of sweet and sour date and Barhy which is perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth.

    Therefore, having dates with milk is a popular eating habit not only for its scrumptious taste but also because of its myriad health benefits. When consumed properly can turn out to be extremely beneficial.


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