Blood Donation in Qatar- Everything You Need To Know About


    One of the most valuable gifts that someone can give to another being in the hour of medical need is life via blood donation. It can never be emphasized enough how donating blood can save lives.

    Blood Donation Rules in Qatar

    Before you go for blood donation in Qatar and help save lives, you must ensure that you meet the following primary eligibility criteria to establish yourself as a safe donor -

    1. Must be 18 to 60 years of age.
    2. Must be fit and healthy on the day of donation.
    3. Must weigh 50 kg and above.
    4. Must have hemoglobin levels of at least 13g/dl for males and 12.5g/dl for females.
    5. Must notify the unit about any ongoing medications.
    6. Must not be anemic, hypertensive, or insulin-dependent.
    7. Must not be dealing with any chronic heart, lung, or circulatory illnesses.
    8. Pregnant, lactating, or menstruating females must not donate.
    9. The donor must not have donated blood for the past eight weeks.

    Blood Donation Benefits

    Blood donation benefits your physical and emotional health. As per a report by the Mental Health Foundation, blood donation helps -

    • manage stress
    • boost your emotional well-being
    • contribute to your physical health
    • provide a sense of belonging
    • get rid of negative thoughts


    Significance of Blood Donation during COVID

    Pandemic or not, the medical staff deals with the same diseases, many of which require blood donation. One out of every 10 patients admitted to medical facilities might urgently need a transfusion of blood. The blood unit donated can serve at least three patients if used as separate blood components.

    Those who have gotten vaccinated for COVID-19 can donate three days from receiving the shot and should be rid of symptoms like fever or infections. People who recently recovered from COVID-19 must wait three months after the symptoms have declined to donate blood. 

    Blood Donation Centers in Qatar

    Blood Donation Centers in Qatar

    The government and various donation centers have launched a blood donation campaign qatar to encourage people to donate blood, especially during the pandemic. Here are some blood donation centers that you can visit for blood donation in qatar -

    • HMC Blood Donor Center next to Hamad General Hospital 
    Opening Timings - 
    Open from 8 am to 1 pm and from 6 pm until midnight, Sunday to Thursday, and from 7 pm until midnight on Saturdays.
    It is closed on Fridays.
    • The New Blood Donor Center opposite the Outpatient Department 
    This donor facility is next to the Surgical Specialty Center.
    Opening Timings -
    Open from 6 pm to midnight, Sunday to Thursday, and 7 pm to midnight on Saturdays.
    It is closed on Fridays.
    • The Souq Waqif and Msheireb mobile units
    Opening Timings -
    Open from 8 pm until midnight, Sunday to Saturday.
    It is open on Fridays.


    How to Donate Blood in Qatar

    • Register at the reception of a blood donation center.

    • You might get asked to present a valid Resident Permit to donate.

    • You do not need to schedule an appointment to donate blood.

    • Medical professionals inquire about the medical and travel history of donors.

    • You cannot donate if you have travelled anywhere in Africa or Asia in the past six months.

    • Do not smoke at least two hours before donation, as smoking and drinking habits would get accounted for.


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