10 Healthy Breakfast to Kick Start Your Day in Qatar

    Breakfast is the first meal on the day and also scientifically proven to be the most important meal of the day. It is meant to be the main source of energy that will allow us to function with our optimum potential throughout the day. To have a proper breakfast one must include foods that are rich in protein, carbohydrates and dietary fibre. It is advised to avoid forms of processed sugar, essences or refined carbohydrates in breakfast.

    A typical healthy breakfast in Qatar consists of quite a hefty meal which includes dishes of eggs, different kinds of beans, vegetables, milk products, bread and salad. These breakfast dishes are healthy because very little of it is processed, and olive oil the primary cooking oil used, and most foods are sweetened with honey or dates rather than processed sugar making the food healthier. Moreover, deep frying is usually avoided and staple food is bread, which ensures little-to-none starch intake and meat is grilled reducing harmful content of fat. It is remarkable how they get such healthy ingredients into their dishes.

    We present you a list of dishes that would make a great breakfast in Qatar:


    1. Regag with Saloona

    Regag with Saloona

    Regag is a traditional homemade thin bread made from waterless dough. The word Regag comes from the word raga meaning thin. This bread is served for breakfast, where it is crumpled into pieces and then eaten with cheese or meat.

    Saloona is the typical Middle-Eastern stew that is a regular dish in breakfast and even other meals. Usually, it is prepared with chicken but vegetables and any other meat is also done. The taste is very enriching and can be seasoned with vegetables or spices.


    2. Balaleet


    It is a cultural Middle Eastern dish, Balaleet is made up of sweetened, aromatic vermicelli noodles with eggs. Balaleet is generally eaten for breakfast. The vermicelli noodles are sweetened and flavoured with rose water, cardamom and turmeric. When the noodles are done, they are topped with an egg omelette, or scrambled eggs that have been flavoured with cardamom, salt and pepper or occasionally served with sauteed onions or potatoes also.


    3. Saj


    This is an overwhelmingly historic dish that brings the authentic Middle-Eastern taste in every bite. It is made with whole grain and contains no sugar or hydrogenated oils. They are rich in fibre and nutrients.


    4. Foul Mudammas

    Foul Mudammas

    Also called “fool mudammas”, this is a vegan dish made with fava beans and garnished with herbs, cumin, pepper and lemon juice. It is usually served with pita bread. Foul Mudammas is very creamy or soupy in nature and makes up for a very healthy breakfast. 


    5. Hummus


    This is a traditional dish that comes in the form of a Middle Eastern dip, spread or savoury dish made out of mashed or cooked chickpeas and blended with spices and lemon. While serving they are garnished with olive oil, pepper and other herbs.


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    6. Labneh


    Labneh is the very basic yogurt cheese when the whey is extracted out. Also known as strained yogurt or kerned yogurt, this has a precise sour taste. While they can be served freshly, sometimes they are formed into balls or covered with herbs and spices.


    7. Turkish coffee or tea

    Turkish coffee or tea

    A healthy breakfast is just incomplete without sipping some Turkish coffee or some tea in Qatar. Turkish coffee is the most popular coffee found in the entire Middle East. Similar to espresso but stronger. They are usually served with sugar in demitasse cups while the tea is usually served with sweet hot mint along with the breakfast. 


    8. Falafel


    Very common in Qatari breakfast, these are deep-fried balls or patty shaped fritters made from fava beans or chickpeas. They vary in colour, sometimes they are green, sometimes they are brown. They are usually topped with tahini-based sauce and are served with vegetables and herbs. 


    9. Fattoush 


    This is an authentic salad dish made from roasted or fried bits of the flat bread (pita) combined with several vegetables like dried tomatoes, radishes, cucumbers, onion, garlic, ginger, lemon and mixed with a touch of olive oil. This is the most refreshing dish in the whole list and is a must in a healthy meal. 


    10. Moutabal


    Moutabal is an appetizer consisting of eggplant in mashed form or bits, with olive oil,     lemon juice and several seasonings. The eggplant is either boiled or baked over an open flame. This gives the dish a smoky taste. It is spicier in nature and sometimes topped with anar seeds. This dish is a great way to start a breakfast as it boots the taste buds preparing you for a befitting meal.

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