10 Essential Winter Skin Care Tips You Should Follow

    The season of winter in Qatar

    Winter is the season to unwind and recover. At this time of year, people reunite with their families and prepare for a fresh start. People rejuvenate themselves and boost their health in order to make their mind and body ready for hustle. While most people focus on diet, exercise and rest, they often neglect skin care. This can affect our overall health since our skin is related to numerous health factors and it needs just the right amount of care like any other part of the body.

    Being a tropical country, the climate of Qatar is quite intense. However the winter is not so extreme. While the days are mild , the nights get somewhat chilly. The coastal areas are a little more humid and there is some precipitation during the winter. Overall the weather is dry and quite coarse for our skin. To maintain the health of your skin, you need to follow a winter skin care routine throughout the season.


    How to take care of your skin during winter?

    There are several ways to boost the health of your skin.

    1. Drink more water

    One of the most important winter skin care tips is to drink more water. Water keeps the skin hydrated and enables proper circulation. Your skin needs moisture without which it will start to dry and eventually crack. The daily intake of water should be within 90 to 120 ounces for a healthy skin.

    Bonus tip - Drink water in an empty stomach in the morning and at least 30 minutes after or prior to any meal for best results.


    2. Use a moisturizer for your skin and face 

    Another of the significantly important winter skin care tips is moisturizing the skin. Using a moisturizer will prevent the skin from getting dry and will protect it from the chilly winter nights. It is a better choice to use oil based moisturizer rather than water based during winter. You may also use a mild sunscreen while travelling outdoors for added protection from harmful rays of the sun.

    Bonus tip - Apply moisturizer immediately after shower on your face and skin for best results. We recommend the QV moisturizing cream to get rid of dryness from your skin. For sunscreen the Soskin Sun Cream is a good choice.


    3. Avoid hot showers 

    We know that during the winter it is very comforting to take long hot showers. But they are actually harmful for your skin and scalpel. Hot showers will dry out your skin of natural hydration. It is recommended to use room temperature water during the winter.

    Bonus tip - Shower with water at room temperature during the morning to get rid of the excess dirt and oil that has accumulated overnight on the skin.


    4. Use lip balm and hand balm frequently

    We often tend to ignore winter face care while focusing on the skin. The lips are tender and even more vulnerable to cracks and rupture during the winter. It is very important to use a lip balm so that they are healthy. Just like our lips, our hands and especially our palms tend to lose their moisture very quickly. So it is important to frequently moisturize them too.

    Bonus tip - Use lip balm 3 to 4 times between day and night in the winter and apply hand moisturizer as per required. We recommend Eveline Lip Balm and Eveline Hand Balm for the best results.


    5. Take your vitamins 

    Not all skincare tips for winter include care from outside the body. Some care needs to be taken in the means of vitamins and minerals in a healthy diet. Vitamin C is very crucial from the recovery of damaged skin during the winter. Vitamin D and others also serve the health of the skin. So make sure these are included in your diet during the winter.

    Bonus tip - You may include Vitamin supplements in your diet if it is not possible to get them properly from your diet. We recommend the 21st Century Vitamin C tablets for healthy skin.


    6. Wear non-irritating clothing

    Some winter skin care tips are more precautionary, like wearing clothes that do not irritate your skin. Harsh and tight clothing cuts off breathability and makes the skin coarse and prone to rashes.

    Bonus tip - Use loose fitting and soft clothes. Avoid wearing woolen clothes directly on the skin.


    7. Use Occlusives on your skin

    Sometimes moisturizers are not enough and there is hardly time to apply them every now and then. Occlusive ingredients like cocoa butter, jojoba oil and shea butter are excellent at holding moisture on your skin for a longer period of time. Petroleum jelly-based products like Vaseline are also similarly effective.

    Bonus tip - Use occlusive ingredients twice a day - after shower and at night. We recommend using Vaseline petroleum jelly and Vaseline cocoa butter for best results.


    8. Use a mild cleansing agent

    One of the most important winter care tips is to try and avoid harsh face wash and soap. Replace them with a mild cleansing agent that does not dehydrate your skin. Cleansing agents that include aloe vera, tea tree oil and cocoa are considered good for your skin.

    Bonus tip - Use face wash only when required and use mild soap for bathing. We recommend using Eveline Facemed face wash with tea tree oil and Dove Beauty cream soap for desired results.


    9. Install a humidifier in your office or home 

    The humidifier is a machine that will help you enrich the air in your room to contain more moisture. This will help your skin to avoid any form of dryness that happens during the winter season. Although this is a costly investment , this is one of the most effective winter care tips that can bring a positive change in the winter lifestyle.

    Bonus tip- Do not use it at a stretch for several hours, instead use it periodically as per comfort. We recommend using the Beurer Lb 88 Air humidifier for best results.


    10. Use overnight treatment for skin recovery 

    Our skin recovers best during the night-time while we are asleep. Due to dryness of the winter season, skin cracks in the face, skin and heels are very common for the adults. The ointments that heal the cracks should be applied at night before heading to the bed. By doing so, the skin will be fresh by the morning.

    Bonus tip - Apply the healing ointments and lotions at least 20 minutes prior to going to bed. We recommend using Neutrogena Cracked Heel cream and Vaseline lotion for best results.

    So there you go, these winter skin care tips and products will help you beat the harshness of the winter season and maintain a healthy skin throughout the year.

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    Medically reviewed by Tina Joy, Pharmacist, Care n Cure Pharmacy