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Betadine Vaginal Gel 100 G

QAR 75.00

BETADINE Vaginal Gel may also spread thinly 1-2cm around the external genital area two or three times a day. The treatment has to be carried out daily (even during menstruation). 

The dose of BETADINE Vaginal Gel may be increased if prescribed by the doctor. The duration of the treatment depends on the medical findings. A sanitary towel should be worn during the period of treatment.

For preoperative vaginal disinfection, as also in the treatment of vaginitis. the gel is applied in the evening and left in the vagina overnight. The following morning before the operation, the vagina can be rinsed with BETADINE Antiseptic Solution.

Instructions of use: Insert one applicator-full of the vaginal gel (about 5 g) every night for up to14 days, if menstruation occurs during the treatment. it is important to continue treatment during these days.


Product Specifications and Features:

  • For acute and chronic vaginal infections.
  • Used to disinfect vagina and prevents infections.
  • Vaginal gel.
  • Protection against bacteria, viruses, and fungi.
  • Povidone- Iodine 10 % w/w.

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