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To upload prescription, CLICK HERE (Orders placed from 6 am - 8 pm are delivered in 1-5 hours. All others by 12 pm next day)
To upload prescription, CLICK HERE ( Orders placed from 6 am - 8 pm are delivered in 1-5 hours. All others by 12 pm next day )

Health Aid Sexovit Forte (One-A- Day) Tab 30S

QAR 105.50

Sexovit Forte Tablets are a synergistic blend of essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids with ginseng and ginkgo bilboa to give a totally balanced tablet formulation for maximum effect. Sex represents one of the most important biological functions in life. It is crucial to our overall health and well-being. Sexovit Forte empowers you to take control of your sexual vitality.

It is a natural nutritional supplement designed for the enhancement of sexual health and enjoyment. It is also effective as a daily energy boost for men and women. It works using natural ingredients to stimulate blood vessels and, increase blood flow. to the appropriate parts of the body. It also contains special extracts that help make the body feel aroused, tingling and excited.

Sexovit Forte Tablets may be of benefit to:

Men and women experiencing difficulties with sexual activity and performance
People who may be under pressure with stress and anxiety, which may interfere with sexual performance
Women who may have lost interest in sex or having typical menopausal side effects
Ideal for the senior citizens who may be encountering sexual difficulties
Men who wish to improve sperm function and maintain general reproductive health



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