Hylo Gel Eye Drops 10ml

Hylo Gel Eye Drops 10ml

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HYLO-GEL eye drops 10ml intensive care for dry eyes When dry eyes become a torture The eyes produce too little lachrymal fluid or the tears have a wrong composition. Those are the two criteria according to which an ophthalmologist diagnoses a dry eye. Depending on the severity of the disorder, dry eyes can amount to considerable impairment of quality of life. The disease is accompanied by symptoms such as strong reddening of the eyes and permanent painful foreign body sensation which represent an extreme burden for the affected. High viscosity improves the quality of life Eye drops for the treatment of grave and chronic dry eyes have to guarantee intensive and constant moistening of the ocular surface. Only high-viscosity eye drops, which stay considerably longer on the ocular surface, lead to a constant moistening effect. The active agent hyaluronic acid, contained in HYLO-GEL, is perfectly suited for this task. Due to its special characteristics and the extraordinarily high quality of the hyaluronic acid contained in HYLO-GEL, a concentration of 0,2% is already sufficient to achieve a significantly higher viscosity of the solution. The most important point is that although HYLO-GEL has an almost gel-like consistency, it does not cause any impairment of vision.


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