Mavala Double Lash 10 ml

Mavala Double Lash 10 ml

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Eyelashes are an essential part of the beauty of the face. Double Lashes contains a natural extract rich in vitamins and proteins that strengthen, fortifies, sheath, and protect the lashes that will then become healthy, long, and strong. This treatment helps to extend and densify the arc of the eyelashes, which will be provided and silky.

Mavala Double Lash is a nutritive treatment that enhances eyelashes by lengthening and strengthening them. Stimulating faster hair growth, the Switzerland-born product is applied at night before bed and contains a multi-protein mixture that not only causes existing lashes to grow longer but additional lashes to grow in.

Unlike other lash enhancement products that are applied to the eyelash line on the upper lid, Mavala Double Lash is brushed directly onto the lashes like mascara.

Made in Switzerland.


Product Specifications and Features:

  • It is the natural active ingredients in Mavala Eye-Lite Double Lash which stimulate the growth of the lashes giving them a lovely luxuriant and silky appearance
  • Eyelashes are an essential element of face beauty
  • Mavala Eye-Lite Double Lash contains proteins that strengthen, cover, and protect the lashes allowing them to become healthy, long, and resistant
  • Mavala Eye-Lite Double Lash is a unique nutritive product for lashes


Safety information:

  • Follow all directions on the product package

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